Mumbai flower mart

Mumbai flowerhead market


What’s in all the brilliant-colored baskets? Spice? Dye? After witnessing the most amazing train-boarding process ever, we descended from the “flyover footpath” and found…

He's got the wallet. Look at those thumbnails—polished by the inside of many pockets?

Pickpockets in Mumbai


All these Mumbai stories of trains, crowds, swamis, the slum called Dharavi, and promises of more stories… What you’re really wondering is: did the…

In a Mumbai slum: Dharavi from Mahim Junction overpass

Dharavi—inside the giant Mumbai slum


You saw Slumdog Millionaire, right? It was filmed in Dharavi, one of the world’s largest, densest slums. Bob and I spent half a day…

Mumbai train platform

Riding Mumbai trains—amazing


We bought second-class train tickets (for our thiefhunting) and rode the most crowded Mumbai trains ever. No—you can’t imagine how crowded. Speeding into the…

Cruise director Paul McFarland

Mugged in Mumbai—and an unexpected Karmic twist


“I WANT,” is the driving force behind mugging: need and greed. But these muggers in India also had intangible desires that compelled them to…