Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams

by Bambi Vincent and Bob Arno

“A gripping account of two thiefhunters, the criminals and their prey.

“Who would think that a how-to book could be a page turner? It was great to learn easy and practical ways to avoid becoming a victim of street crimes and scams. It was fascinating to read about all the tricks – elaborate or simple – that criminals use to pickpocket, to steal credit card numbers or ATM codes and more. I was glued to the book when it came to reading the criminals’ own words about how and why they do what they do. But it was equally fascinating to consider how the authors, a married couple, travel the world with a sharp eye for spotting criminals, the electronic know-how to set themselves up with hidden video cameras, and the wit and courage to engage thieves in conversation and walk away with their stories and techniques.”

“Travel Advisory is a well-written book of tips, tricks and gripping real-life stories from people like you and me…and not.”

—review on iTunes

•Methods and motivations of street thieves around the world

•Anatomy of a Victim

•Best tips on how not to be a victim

•Plus, learn how Bob and Bambi find these thieves, why the thieves talk, and what they reveal.

Travel Advisory follows the authors as they prowl the world in pursuit of petty criminals. Stalking the stalkers, Bambi Vincent and Bob Arno traipse the planet’s top travel destinations, occasionally lifting their heads from the trail to report on their unique and ever-changing milieu. Travel Advisory is true crime presented in personal, fun-to-read doses. Its stories, linked by a pair of constant characters, could be compared to a television series. The authors, present in most stories, are on location in a different part of the world each week, reporting on the crime du jour.


Get street smart.
Awareness is your best weapon.
Read Travel Advisory
and never be a victim.

Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams

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High and dry on the streets of elsewhere.

High and dry on the streets of elsewhere.


“Bob Arno is the world’s foremost expert on the techniques of first-rank ‘wires’ [pickpockets].”

Time magazine

From the reviews:

“I currently live in Europe, and this book alone has probably saved me countless headaches that pickpockets and other con-artists would’ve scammed out of me. Bob and Bambi are amazing, and I applaud them for writing this book and doing the research necessary to provide helpful and insightful tips to thwart pickpockets and thieves.”
—Albert, on


“It is a very easy read and very informative. Italy looks like pickpocket heaven so we will be very careful and follow a lot of their suggestions.”
—Melissa, on


“Bob and Bambi masterfully lay out the world of professional cons, rip-off artists, and the pejorative and prolific street thief. In incident after incident they show the mind of you, the unsuspecting victim and more importantly, the mind of the thief. Read Travel Advisory and you will soon understand the techniques of thieves, their M.O. and why you, looking like a tourist, acting like a tourist, are like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Peterbuilt. Travel Advisory excels at making you look over your shoulder, more than once. Read it. Strongly recommended.”
–Allan Gathercoal, Flying Doctors of America [posted on Amazon]


“This book is written in a friendly, lively tone that makes it a breeze to absorb. While the seasoned traveller may not discover anything fundamentally new in this volume — whose key take-away is, unsurprisingly, that crooks are both ubiquitous and extremely creative —, it is nevertheless packed full of invaluable examples. It is an excellent way to fine-tune both one’s attitude and one’s tool-belt before embarking on long journeys, by condensing salient thoughts and observations that no single traveller could ever hope to formulate over his own career. It is a very specialised book, and by no means a full guide to traveling effectively, but it is nevertheless a unique, useful resource. Don’t read it first if this is your first time on the road, but do read it in good time.”
—Francois Joseph, on


“These people, as Bob and Bambi point out are really artists of thievery. Please read this book. I hope I will be smarter now. Thanks Bob and Bambi.”
—Sheldon M. Wolf, on


“Very good book, I love it and learned a lot from it, thank you very much!!”
—”Koo,” on


“Wasn’t sure what to expect but love this book. So many travel hints. The best part is that I have actually been using some of the tips and hints and they have been great. Will continue to re-read and pick up more hints.”
—cafank “Chez” (Australia), on Amazon .com


“Fast-paced, fact-filled must-read for the international traveler to avoid spending hours with the local police and U.S. consular officials abroad.”
–F.A. Tex Harris, secretary, American Foreign Service Association


“The information in this book reduces the traveler’s risk of being scammed to practically nil. As important an item to pack as your toothbrush.”
–Jim D’Amico, vice president of entertainment and land programs, Silversea Cruises


“This well-researched overview of travel scams is a ‘must-read’ for both travelers and law enforcement and security professionals involved in tourist safety and security issues. Bob and Bambi’s firsthand account takes you inside the minds of those crooks who prey on tourists.”
–Dave Wiggins, president, So. California Tourism Safety & Security Association


“You may want to hold onto your wallet while reading this fascinating guidebook. But have no fear; the authors won’t play you for a sucker. They’ll just open your eyes to the wiles of the world. From hotel security to three-card monte, this book has it covered.”
–Spencer Rumsey, The Armchair Traveler, Newsday [Long Island]


“The last chapter on IDENTITY THEFT (it’s not money you should worry about losing–it’s your credit cards!) alone is worth the price of this book.”
–[posted on Amazon]


“This book is worth your entire vacation expense. It can save you thousands of dollars both in grief and lost time when faced with someone taking all your money, ID, credit and phone cards.”
–[posted on Amazon]


“The book is full of anecdotal information that’s likely to have you eyeing every person who brushes against you in a subway or crowded street.”
–Michael Martinez, San Jose Mercury News


“Sometimes, the best way to learn is to hear a story, and this book is full of stories of things that happened to real people, and real scams that are being pulled off. It’s full of sensible things that you can do to protect yourself even at home. Five out of five bookmarks. By the way, if you loved Frank Abagnale’s Catch Me if You Can, you’ll love this book just for the stories.”
–Terri Schlichenmeyer, WIZM Radio


“This may be the most important book ever published for those who want protection, peace of mind and some sense of confidence their vacation won’t be ruined by a thief.”
–Howard Schwartz, Gambler’s Book Club


“This 252-page book can help a traveler learn how to limit those opportunities. Just one incident that is prevented would make this book worth its weight in Rolex watches, a worldwide favorite of thieves who target tourists.”
–Terry Richard, The Oregonian


“One helpful bit of information is the compilation of true stories of victims, thieves and the incidents involved. Written with humor, you will find many popular destination from around the world highlighted and the techniques to avoid so you don’t become a victim. Before you take your next trip, read this book and don’t end up being a statistic.”
–Rita Cook, LASplash Magazine


“Each chapter of this book, standing alone, would be worth the price of the book. The photographs, alone, would be worth the price of the book. Where else could you find so many photographs of pickpockets and street scam artists in action? Do not let the word ‘Travel’ in the title fool you. This is a must-read for anyone who goes out in crowds, even in their own home town. Pickpockets work at sporting events, concerts, shopping centers or anywhere they can blend in anonymously with the crowd. Help put pickpockets, hotel thieves and street scam artists out of business. Buy this book.”
—Carolyn Randall [posted on Amazon]


“This is a MUST READ for international travelers.”


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