Street Crime in Nassau, Bahamas

Street crime in Nassau, Bahamas: Paradise.

Wondering about street crime in Nassau, Bahamas? First we witness a tourist robbery, then meet another tourist just robbed at gunpoint.

We’re standing on Bay Street, the main drag, while I’m checking email on my iPod.

“Hold onto your stuff, these guys are targeting us,” Bob said. I had the iPod in one hand, a good camera in the other. We’d planned to stroll down the beach to where we spent our first three years together. A seven-mile stroll, but one we’d done daily in the eighties, often on bikes.

I glanced up and saw the two suspects crossing toward us. Suddenly they caught sight of a better-looking target. A pair of men, one shirtless, who were cutting through the parking lot of the Hilton British Colonial, heading back to their room. As the scruffy suspects approached the tourists, Bob narrated: “They’re offering drugs,” he said. A tourist is offered drugs in Nassau as often as tourists are offered “copy watches” in Italy or Singapore.

Street crime in nassau, bahamas

“Crack or weed,” was the actual offer.

“Weed,” the shirtless one said.

A deal was struck. $60 for an eighth, the victim later told us, twice what he pays in Canada, “but what the hell.” He pulled out the cash. The “dealer” grabbed it and ran. He dashed between cars in the parking lot, cut through a lush tropical border planting, jumped a five-foot wall, and ran down a side street. His partner had disappeared during the deal-making.

In terms of street crime in Nassau, this was pretty tame.

The victim, a Canadian, was both mad and bemused. A Bahamian man who’d also witnessed the robbery dragged the victim off to the police station. Interesting to see the story as slanted in the Nassau Tribune.

We gave up on visiting our old home and beach cove in Cable Beach. We wandered the streets and fended off a few more offers of pot. Do we really look like the target market?

Real street crime in Nassau

Then we met the Ad Koens, a visitor from Holland. He’d gone on a Segway tour. At 11:00 in the morning his entire group, eight tourists and one Bahamian tour leader, were held up at gunpoint and made to spread-eagle on the ground. Another group of nine was already down.

The bandits wielded shotguns. They tied one man’s wrists to a long wooden plank placed across his back. Ad was kicked in his ribs, others were kicked in the head. “It was very, very professional,” Ad said. They demanded everything of value: cameras, video cameras, iPods, wallets, purses, GPS devices—everything the tourists had on them. One man lost a Rolex and a laptop. Eighteen men and women robbed, and the two scruffy thieves got away.

After the ordeal, all eighteen victims were taken to the police department to file reports. They were shown 500 mug shots, 25 to a page, each the size of a postage stamp. When Bob asked the victim how he’d rate the police-reporting experience on a scale of one to ten, the answer was “Zero to one. It was a joke.”

The two robberies were front-page news in Nassau on Saturday, November 21.
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  • DON’T GO TO NASSAU. Crime has risen significantly there, and my friend got sexually assaulted at night there. The cops don’t care about crimes, and they don’t go after the criminal. The cop didn’t even suggest filling out a police report. It’s a backwards city that’s not worth the risk of visiting, and she’s an experienced traveler. I think getting robbed at gunpoint is more common, BUT GO TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD. NASSAU IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!

  • The Bahamas was great when Britain ran it, now it’s a complete littered shithole just like Jamaica. Sorry, but it’s the truth, Britain knows how to run a government, these uneducated fools running the Bahamas are only running it into the ground.

  • My family and I just returned from The Atlantis Hotel, this hotel is falling apart. Not only is the hotel falling apart, but the prices are the highest in the travel industry. The people are so rude too, maybe it’s because the tips are included in everything you purchase; they don’t need to be nice to work for it. Plus the ride to the hotel is through a filthy crime ridden ghetto where you can hear gun shots in the distance. My 8 year old daughter was scared every time the foul mouth taxi driver made a stop to talk to his shady looking friends; I felt he was trying to set us up or something. Just by the drive to the hotel we knew we made a big mistake coming here, false advertisement by the Bahamian government claiming this to be a paradise is a full on scam. “It’s better in the Bahamas” is the biggest lie this country is telling the World. 144 murders for a population of 299,000, how the hell can this be paradise? We will never set foot on this filthy disgusting country ever again!

  • You’re correct, “Sad in the US.” Though this article is a few years old, it’s as relevant as ever. Crime in the Bahamas has only gotten worse. Having loved living there for three years, I too, am sad.

  • I visited the Bahamas and Paradise Island in the seventies when Merv Griffin Casino was there. Also Grand Bahama in the 1990s. I was planning a trip to Atlantis when I started reading about the crime problem in Nassau. Now remember Im writing this in July 2015 and most of these posts are from 2009 lol. And things have gotten a lot worse. The Bahamas are averaging 130 murders a year now. Robberies and rapes have skyrocketed. And the US Embassy and Cruise lines have issued truly severe crime warnings . 6 years after those first posts it looks like the Bahamas have reached the line of no return. So sad.

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective, Peace. Whoever is to blame, the situation in Nassau is very sad. I say that as someone who lived in Nassau for three years and loved every minute of it. I still get reports from local friends about their burglaries, robberies, and home invasions. Sad. So sad…

  • Hi, I am sorry for those who have any bad experiences or had terrible ordeals while visited Nassau. Nassau, is small part of New Providence and it seems it has attracted terrible high lights, I am Bahamian and I have recently moved back home for 2 years. I employment allowed me to travel and live all over the world including the Caribbean region. by far crime have increase from 14 year since I live on New Providence. Tourism is our main revenue. Crime is problem to all . Government needs to nip it in the bud. I bragged to my colleagues how nice it is to live in a beautiful place. One main issue is illegal immigrants. They are the biggest contributors to illegal activities. I look around I do not see a lot of “Bahamians” around. tourist also transport firearms and drugs into the country. when I I was in the UK illegal immigrants was n issue as well. I visited the area traveler spoke about near senior frogs and the surrounding beach and I was also offered. I was horrified. I told them immigration is coming and they flee. I speak three languages. They were of a different Caribbean decent. They spoke English and their native language and I so upset. I love all people but the government needs to give stiffer penalties and clean up immigration and the influx of illegal immigrants. because they are creating a second and third generation of problems. I am sorry again to all who could not enjoy the beautiful people and our hospitality of the Bahamian people. however remember the Bahamas has over 700 island and Cays!

  • Awful experience!!! Constant solicitation, harassment and ripping off. Dirty town, dirty beach… Why cruise lines take travelers there puzzles me. Do NOT take kids in town, don’t take valuables, don’t eat… Simply put, stay on the ship!!! Never AGAIN!!!! Cruise lines need to just STOP going there…. Period!!! I will say, the private islands such as half moon cay are amazing!!! Worth every second of the day!!!

  • I was raised partly in Nassau and then left. If your don’t flaunt your wealth and do not nervous/scared you won’t be messed with. Really a wonderful town you won’t have to worry about. Go about your business, have fun and nothing will go wrong. Seems to be only the sheltered top %1 of the world is scared of these so called “criminals” in Nassau.

  • Chris, I think you should get off the ship and enjoy Nassau. Although crime has risen there, it still affects only a minute percentage of day visitors. On the other hand, you could say that staying on the ship sends a message to the Bahamian government that they need to contain their robbers and muggers. But that’s really wishful thinking. The fact is, you’d be a minuscule minority and your absence would not be missed. You would just miss out on a day of potential fun. If you’re not ordinarily a person who stands on principle and acts to make a statement, don’t choose your vacation to do so. The likelihood of you becoming a victim is still small. Just go out and enjoy the island.

  • My wife and I will be going on a cruise in a few days that travels to both Freeport and Nassau. After doing a lot of research we are having strong concerns with even getting off of the ship. Is it even safe to get a cruise sponsored excursion to Atlantis,or are the roadways dangerous as well? We are content with staying on the ship if that is the only option.

    Thank you for any advice you may be able to give!!!

  • Veronica, I agree with you completely. I hope you find a way to inform the Bahamian government of exactly what you wrote above. Losing you is much worse than losing a tourist. Thanks for your comment.

  • It is really sad to read about the crime that is destroying this beautiful island. I have just been considering moving to Nassau with my family to teach there. It is a real shame as the school seems to be a wonderful place to work but the danger of living there by far outweighs privilege of contributing to the education of young Bahamians and working alongside Bahamian educational professionals who are striving to develop the responsible citizens who will not fall into patterns of crime to survive. As a matter of absolute urgency it is up to the local government to analyse this situation and see how this problem is not only affecting the tourism industry but undermining the economic infrastructure and community and implement a zero tolerance policy to crime on this island.

  • What a horrible story! It does sound like a set up—perhaps the police could have told you if you’d filed a report. Police reports serve the purpose of documenting incidents like this for the benefit of future travelers, and so the police can track patterns. If there are no records to the contrary, everything looks rosy. Neither the police nor visitors know that a problem exists. Anyway, I’m very glad that your husband wasn’t harmed.

  • My husband & I traveled to Nassau on a cruise April of 2012. It was my son’s 5th birthday trip. We went to the beach & had a fabulous time. My husband had way too many offers for drugs, but declined them all. We didn’t have any problem until we ate at Senior Frogs. The waitress decided to tell us that our debit card didn’t work. We had just used it to buy sunglasses at a little shop. She said she would try it again, and returned shortly to tell my husband that he needed to walk to an ATM down the street. Unfortunately, my husband was robbed at gunpoint as soon as he got money from the ATM. My son & I sat at the restaurant waiting for him to get back. I’m sure that this was completely set up by these people! We did not file a report, & immediately went back to the boat. Not a great first experience for being out of the country! We are thankful that these low-life’s did not shoot my husband & promise to never return to this filthy place again!

  • You people need to research where you are going before you book a trip.My family and I won’t travel to any Country that we can’t rent a car and drive around without any problems.It is so sad,but The Bahamas is no longer a safe place to travel,try Bonaire,Cayman Islands and if you can,Cuba (Cayo Coco) the safest Island in the Caribbean,their Government won’t allow crime,and the people know it.

  • Never again,you should have watched “Caribbean Crime Wave” on before you went where.Watch this video and hear for yourself what the Bahamian people have to say about crime destroying their Island and way of life…..sorry to hear about your trip.

  • I was in Grand Bahamas 5 weeks ago and my family and I felt unsafe as soon as we were driven to our hotel.Our trip was supposed to be for 2 weeks,but after all the drugs offered to us everywhere we went (even on the beach) rude attitude of 80% of the people and all the drunks making rude remarks at my wife and 14 year old daughter,we left after 8 days.This Country is a waste of hard earn money and time,there was trash everywhere,beer bottles on the beaches,we even saw a car motor while snorkeling.Never again will we go to the Bahamas,I don’t care what Island it is,I should have save a little more money and revisited Grand Cayman Island which is worth every penny.

  • You’re doing the right thing, Marco/frances28. First research, then decide based on your comfort level. Four years and moving your family is a big commitment. Good luck, wherever you go!

  • Mr. Gibson thank you so much for your honesty,I did my research and you are 100% correct.I even contacted the U.S. travel Dept. and they told me they’ve issued three travel warnings against the Bahamas. Tomorrow I will cancel my employment transfer to the Atlantis Hotel and look else where for employment.Again Sir,my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts,God Bless you for your honesty.

  • I was born and lived in the Bahamas for over 31 years.Any Bahamian that tells you there is no crime problem,or says this can happen anywhere in the World is flat out lying to you. The Bahamas is becoming the next capitol murder of the World and is the capitol rape of the World.If you don’t believe this ex-Bahamian,now an American,and proud of it,check out is the local newspaper of the Bahamas,there is not one day that there isn’t a murder,rape or home break in.And the police are doing their best,but there are more criminals then they can control.Don’t let any travel agents tell you this place is a Paradise,they want to make money off of you,their all lying to you.So if you value the safety of your family,do your research and go somewhere else.Just remember this saying,”Your not Better in the Bahamas”,Your Deader!

  • Bob and I had wonderful years in Nassau long ago, but I can’t defend the island’s crime record. We lived in Cable Beach—there may be safer areas with better security. Bring the minimum, live simply, don’t be surprised by burglary or holdups. Practice caution and revel in the real joys of island living.

  • I´ve been offered a job in Nassau for the coming four years and after reading about crime rates in the island I don´t feel that happy anymore. Of course crime happens all over the world nowadays and that´s why I´m doing my research about the topic.
    As a stranger in a strange land, with my wife and two kids (10,7 yrs old), it makes me wonder where along the island it´s gonna be safer for us to live and, of course, we´ll try to follow common sense while living there.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Well really what did you expect? Didn’t you follow the advice on which, if you read inbetween the lines, clearly shows you how capitalism works in Nassau. You’ve got your perfect gated beaches, houses, businesses and then you’ve got the over-exploited third-world section with an unusually high underclass which are very developed in criminal activity.

    I imagine that even the local workers who are paid pittances turn to crime to cover eating etc, that is what Nassau is like and a customary bit of research would have told you that. That there’s corruption in high levels in such a place is totally unsurprising, you’d be better off playing the game based on how much money you’ve got, but don’t take that as me advocating corruption. That’s just total honesty.

    So you’ve got no right to moan, play the game properly as a rich parasi..tourist or get robbed, your choice.

  • Hey Den, thanks for your comments. I agree that, except for the crime factor, the Bahamas is a wonderful place to live. I lived in Cable Beach for three full years and loved it. I’m so sad to see the deterioration of Nassau, and hear about my friends there being robbed and burglarized. Perhaps your generation will see things with fresh eyes and turn the tables. You seem to have a good eye on the state of the island.

  • I live in Nassau and i am very young i can see how you people feel about the robberies and say its not safe. I know as a student that it isint and you have to strive everyday to make it and avoid certain things/ people. The Bahamas is still a wonderful place but i know the crime rate is high overly high and we need to do something about it because then we wont have money or a place to stay expecally our generation my generation. Everyone thinks i have to do this or since u did this i must do that or finish it which isnt right.You may think i only 15 and know that our island is being destroyed and we are falling apart. I guess there are good things and bad things to the Bahamas.

  • So I was thinking of going to Nassau by myself. Thinking that if I stay near my hotel I will be safe. Guess not…

  • Thanks for your insight, ChubbyBoy. I think that, to the rest of the world, the Bahamas ARE seen as paradise. I don’t think there has been enough bad publicity to stem the flow of tourists yet. The educated Bahamians understand the importance of tourism to their country. It’s the few bad apples who spoil the whole thing (as usual).

    Richard—I haven’t heard about the 70 freed criminals. Tell me more! And yes, wherever cops are underpaid, crime and corruption are huge problems. Your friend… was he the victim of an armed robbery? Thanks for writing.

  • A few years ago the courts freed about 70 criminals. Why is unclear. Among other activities, they did break-ins at very expensive houses, tying up victims and inflicting violence. Do not think you are safe anywhere. Crime is out of control. A friend of mine was assassinated there. Being a cop is a low prestige low-pay job there. Drug dealers can pay them off. It will take a conspicuous murder of a tourist or two before this turns around. Outside Nassau (other islands) things are pretty safe.

  • The above descriptions of individual events are indeed a sorry testimony to a tourism dependent nation and civility as they see it. But, it would perhaps shed more light on the situation if more statistics were also made available so that things could be put into the right perspective.

    One can only hope that the native Bahamian population gives more thought to the way they would like to see their country and its people perceived. It would be so much easier for all parties if the Bahamas were seen as “the promised paradise” for holiday makers and businesses alike. After all, that is the Bahamian dream in a nutshell isn´t it?

  • Kruisin, you said that next time you stop in Nassau you will “leave all [your] valuables on board ship.”

    Why wouldn’t you always do this?

    Apart from that, this is an interesting article about crime in a country that doesn’t get tons of press in the US. Thanks for writing about it, Bambi.

  • I was on that same segway tour a month before the above incident. I will be going back to Nassau in 2 weeks on another cruise and will stay on the ship this time… or maybe hop off to Senor Frogs for a bit, and leave all my valuables on board ship.

  • When will western governments put Bahamas on the danger-to-travel list?

    Why do cruise ships stop there?

    Bahamians, don’t tell me about sorry and a rare incidence. In a small country everyone knows who is a crook and it is easy to crush them. The local government abets and the citizens ignore the obvious – same as Sicily.

  • I’ve been to Cable Beach at least 5 times in the last 10 years. We have never had a problem with crime. We go for walks along the nicely landscaped boulevard, take the bus downtown for jewelry shopping, and go to the fish fry. We love it here. My prayers go out to the people who were robbed… I would never wish that upon anybody!

  • I visited and was struck by a hit and run Bahamian Police Van. All they seemed to “Care” about at the hospital was Voiced by the perpetrator or shall I say tormentor “how will you pay?” over and over as I lay bleeding internally without being rendered any emergency care until they were paid. The inhumanity of a “private” hospital”in Nassau was overwhelming. My IV didnt drip for two hours and as I was dehydrating they say ” well get it…” The Bahamian Police are a farce and cover up; not wanting to give me a copy of police report. Even the Ambassador is involved in the coverup; unwilling to respond aside from the initial contact. A sad ; mentally tortuous visit. Never go to this hell hole!

  • I’m extremely disappointed in the amount of crime in the Bahamas and the apparent lack of concern by the government. You would think that since their economy is very dependent on tourism that all crime would be severely punished and the pursuit of criminals would be aggressive.
    We have been thinking of retiring to the Bahamas or elsewhere in the Caribbean but are now rethinking our options. There is no way I’ll make a million dollar investment in a country such as this. These people seem to enjoy biting the hand that feeds them. This isn’t the paradise that I’m looking for! They won’t get any of my money unless they clean up their problems.

  • I lived on an outer island in Hawaii for 15 years.
    the locals there hate visitors.
    Welcome to hawaii, now leave.
    they steal your money and spit on your memory.
    They are one fraction of an inch from slitting the white mans throat. they hate blacks the most.
    Be aware of the people/animals around you.
    these posts are correct, Humans are evil creatures whereever you go. Don’t be stupid.

  • I was appalled to see the situation in Nassau when I visited there a couple of years ago. Nothing I read in advance gave me any warning.

    Hotel front door locked at all times – you have to ring to be let into your own hotel. Locked iron gates everywhere. Every bank with a guard at the front door who will let you in – or not – at his discretion. Warnings from the locals not to be out after dark. Streets that are totally abandoned at night.

    What kind of ‘tourist paradise’ is this?

    I will avoid this inhospitable dangerous town forever and will recommend others to do the same.

  • We will be in Nassau on Friday, 11 December, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. We canceled our shore excursion today and plan to spend the day aboard ship.

  • Please get real people, are you trying to say that this wouldn’t or couldn’t have happened elsewhere??? The WORLD is in a recession and crime has always been a problem EVERYWHERE! Wherever people exist, you have good apple and bad apples, lets not judge based on a bad experience because it could have happened in your own HOME! It is very unfortunate, I agree, and very unexpected while trying to enjoy a vacation, but I’ll reiterate, it (crime) can happen anywhere….

  • some update on the robbery that happened.. seems like the police does suspect it is an insider job

    Miller said while the tourists were robbed on BASH’s property, the 18 visitors were on a tour with Caribbean Segway Tours — a company that has partnered with the rehabilitative center located on 170 acres.
    He admitted yesterday that the suspect once underwent treatment at the rehabilitative center.
    “The police are holding someone who was an employee of [Caribbean] Segway and was a former resident of BASH,” said Miller, whose claim was confirmed by head of the Central Detective Unit Superintendent Elsworth Moss.

    read more here

  • Good day,
    My humblest apologies to those that have suffered any type of traumatic experience at the hands of those cowards that robbed you.I am a proud Bahamian born and bred and offer deep condolences once again to any person remotely or directly affected by criminal activity during your visit here.
    There is no excuse for what happened,absolutely none.When a person vacations, safety is of the utmost importance.To have that confidence tampered with by even isolated incidents, can ruin what the majority of the hard working and industrious persons of this country, have built over the past 50 years.
    Moreover,despite recent ill events that have occurred within Nassau,the world over is suffering from a serious global recession that is now translating into higher crime rates the world over.Please do not see Nassau as just being the only place where crime has escalated,but then again,one tourist robbed is too many….
    I conclude by admonishing the powers that be. to note the quick response time by the police,they have done their jobs,now it is time for the Minister and his court to perform theirs.

  • first i’ll like too say that i’m a bahamian who lived in the chippingham community for over 25yrs.1 block from where(BASH) is located or the so call earth-villaged or nature trails where the tourist got rob last friday. i want the pubil to know what the BAHAMAS GOVERMENT is not telling the cruise ship industry.that is BASH is a half way house that is used to host EX-CON’S AND RECOVERING DRUGS ADDICTS.MOST PEOPLE WHO LIVES IN THE EARTH VILLAGE ARE CRACK HEADS.WHAT WAS THE GOVERMENT THINKING WHEN THEY ALLOWED BASH A PLACE THAT HOST EX-CON’S WHO ARE JUST RELEASE FROM PRISON TO TAKE TOURIST ON NATURE TOURS.THOSE TOURIST WERE NOTTING BUT SITTING DUCKS.I KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING I LIVED THERE FOR OVER 25YRS. IF YOU DONT BELIVED WHAT I’M SAYING GO ON COLUMBUS AVE EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT PLACE IS RUN NY CRACK HEADS.

  • Hi, so sorry about what happened. I’m a Bahamian too but I don’t live there anymore. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with all the people trying to convince you to visit Nassau again. Who are we to tell you to go back to a place where you had such a traumatic experience? Actually, I think more tourists should stop travelling to Nassau, that way tourism will really suffer and then maybe those ruthless Bahamians will stop biting the hand that feeds them. Now, I’m not saying all Bahamians are criminals, but surely a drastic decline in the number one industry (tourism) will make EVERYONE open their eyes and do something about the crime problem there.

  • I live on Nassau Island in the Bahamas, and was very shocked to hear what happen to the 18 tourist visiting our beautiful shores. I am sure no amount of sorry can make up for the terrible experience you had, put know that all Bahamian are not thieves and we are not a violent people. I travel extensively and have had some bad experience even in the united states but I still go back on vacation because I know that all Americans ( or any other nationality) are not out to get me and even government system is not perfect , it is just a few in the whole scheme of thing that tries to make life hard for us. So visitors I am sadden by this bad experience, but I encourage you to visit us again sometime in the future.

  • dlaitinen, I like your point that this incident caused many more victims than the 18 people actually assaulted. Blame is difficult. I’m absolutely sure that both cruise lines did their due diligence in vetting the local tour operators. And the tour operators, too, seemed to provide competent tour leaders. There are always a few rogues around to ruin things for the rest of us. And as Bob and I always say, those who are desperate enough to resort to violence or the threat of violence are unpredictable. Luckily, they are rather rare.

  • Being a resident of the Bahamas I can understand how you feel. I have been robbed three times, so to be honest it is not just tourists being robbed. Growing up I remember my mother speaking of how she was conned out of a few bucks by a couple when she was in Florida, I witnessed it on one occasion as a man walked up to her and told her “I see something in you” I think this triggered memories for her and caused her to be very much on guard.

    The point that I am trying to make is although I can relate to your ordeal, these things happen all around the world. Not just in the Bahamas. It has nothing to do with age, nationality, or environment. People make choices. White collar crime is a big thing in the US, Blue collar crime is a big thing all around the world. The rich and the poor alike steal. It has nothing to do with where they are from so lets just be honest about that much.

  • My wife and I were part of the”Disney 9″ who were robbed first on the segway tour. After exceptional island tours on both St. Croix and St. Thomas we were looking forward to this one due to the angle of it being on off-road segways.

    I can only say that after the whole robbery, the chaos thereafter and the entire afternoon in a Nassau police station, there are more victims than just the 18 tourists and the guides from the tour.

    There were children dresses up in their aqua green and white school uniforms heading home from school when we were finally being transported back to our respective boats. They are truly hurt as well. This island thrives on the money it receives from us tourists and incidents like what we went through makes this island poorer. My wife and I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN. Our money will be spent else where and the those children will have an even bigger uphill battle to make a decent life for themselves.

    Good bye Nassau. We never got to meet you and we’ll never see each other again.

  • Thank you for taking the time to report this.

    We will be going to Nassau for our fourth time on a Disney Wonder cruise.

    In the past we have done various tours. One time we hired …˜Big D’ to take us around the island in a limo. We were thinking of doing this again or going to Atlantis but not anymore.

    We were already worried do to the tourist robbery at the queen’s staircase last month. We felt if we stayed in a group we would be safe with our kids.

    This was a tour and it was 18 people. The risk on this island has increased. This island is no longer safe no matter your numbers.

    We have made the decision to stay onboard, spend the day on the ship at the pool and other onboard activities and spend more money back in Orlando Florida after the cruise.

    November 23 2009

  • @Bambi: Your first three years together were in the Bahamas. Poor you. You should get out more. Travel a bit. See the world. ;)

    @You others: Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope things plane out after a while. Take care.

  • Thanks, Ronnie and Stacie, for writing.

    First, I have to say how I feel for you, having gone through this horrendous ordeal. I can only imagine the fear you felt.

    In our lectures, Bob and I focus on pickpockets and con artists and give extremely little advice about muggers and armed bandits. That breed is totally unpredictable and we just advise being compliant. Thank goodness you’re all okay. Still, I realize you’re left with a scar that won’t fade, and a memory that will haunt you.

    Ronnie, your research is very useful. Thanks for gathering all those articles into one place.

    Do you both agree with Ad that the whole police reporting process was a useless joke? If it’s any comfort, I can tell you there was actual value in the time-consuming process. The government is forced to acknowledge its crime problem and take immediate action. Notice that they actually called a press conference to publicize the incident and their intentions to do something about it. Tourism is vital to the Bahamas. They will pay attention!

  • I was one of the 18 with Ad. Rather I was in the first group that was robbed and Ad was in the second that came up on us.

    This was an extremely scary event that just insured I will NEVER travel to Nassau again.

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