How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster

stolen credit card fraud implements

All this talk of stolen credit cards and “skimming.” Then what? What happens after you’ve swiped your card through a tampered-with ATM, gas pump, or bank entry door?

A kid, a computer, and a clever scam that games the system—that’s all it takes to make big bucks, without leaving home. For credit card fraudsters like the teenager who calls himself “d0g,” it’s simply online shopping. He doesn’t handle merchandise, cash checks, or visit drop spots. His butt never leaves his chair, his fingers never leave his keyboard, his eyes never leave his screen.

How fraud with a stolen credit card works

It’s all about shopping, according to Patrick Lambert, who poked around the underground “carder sites” that sell the information from stolen credit cards. Buy one for a few dollars and just go shopping! Well… not quite.

What’s a credit card fraudster to do: buy expensive goods online and have them shipped to his home? Certainly not. In his Interview with a malicious hacker making over $10,000 a week, [Edit 7/8/13: Lambert has taken down his fascinating and instructive article.] Lambert reports how easy it is to find and use these carder sites, and how to turn the hot credit card into hard cash:

So finally, the last question I had was how they manage to get actual, physical goods using that stolen credit card, without having to divulge their address. The way I was explained is that all he has to do is post ads on eBay for popular items that he doesn’t actually have. Then, when someone buys it, he turns around and buys that same item from some online store with the bought CC numbers, and puts the eBay buyer’s address as the shipping location. He makes those stores send the products directly to his buyers, and gets clean cash for them, which he can spend any way he wants. It’s a type of online money laundering. And apparently, the reason why these stolen numbers are sold so cheaply is because a vast majority of them are either already canceled, or maxed out.

Now I’m wondering about the wide-format pro printer I sold on Craig’s List: did I unwittingly sell it to an ID thief and obediently ship it to the innocent third party who supplied the thief with clean money? It could have worked that way, at least if I were a store that accepted credit card payments. In my case, I was paid via PayPal, and the funds cleared. Can a thief fund PayPal with a stolen credit card? I’m not sure…

You can see how this three-way scam works. An innocent and unsuspecting buyer of goods provides clean money in return for real items, and is none the wiser. A merchant sells items and is paid with a stolen credit card. d0g sits in the middle pulling strings and catching the money. Easy!

There’s much more to it though, Lambert learned from d0g. “Doing the crime, getting rich with stolen identities, is really easy. The hard part is covering your tracks, and 90% of the things these people do are for the sole purpose of covering themselves.”

That would include subscribing to a VPN (a secure and anonymous web tunnel), and funding an anonymous online payment system.

This sort of “hacking” (which is not what I would call it) can be done on a large or very small scale, but either way, easily, and causing serious financial damage. If it’s true that one credit card fraudster (like d0g, the teenager) can net over $10,000 a week with a low risk of getting caught, it’s clear that the vocation would attract legions of practitioners. It’s clear, too, that our payment system needs fixing.

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  • YELM says:

    I am totally astounded by this one.

  • Bill Cooper says:

    I still dont get it…even if the merchandize was purchased with stolen CC and sent to buyer, the buyer still sent Dog money to his some sort of an account like paypal. Why Cant that be traced back to him? I dont understand how this kid didnt get caught. He has an account that the unsuspecting buyers send money to? Cant they track it with the help of the unsuspecting buyer? I get it that the kid bought merchandize with a stolen CC and sent to the buyer, but the buyer paid someone…where did he send his money???

  • Alex says:

    Most likely he can transfer them from one account to another until the trace is lost. After all, it’s not like anybody is gonna publish a real life “how to”.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s real simple…. U purchase pre-paid debit cards that allow paypal transfer, put them in someone else name, set up a paypal account in someones name linked to that debit card and when the paypal payment is made transfer it onto the debit card, withdraw the funds and dispose of the card.

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  • Lionel Messi says:

    Even if they leave a small trace, the Feds won’t go after this kids that steal 300 if so because it is a total waste of time and money, just think of how much will they spend in investigators and lawyers just to catch a kid who stole 300 bucks.

    They chase the big heads, the CVV vendors, or the ones that already have a system.

    I know this cuz I’ve been doing this, I know a lot of people who actually do this at bigger scale, and not only online, it’s really interesting when you learn about this.

  • If you’ve been doing this Lionel, can you elaborate for us? Tell us more about the procedure. Where do you get your credit card numbers, and what exactly do you do to monetize them?

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  • Marc says:

    OK, now can someone explain this one. I received a couple of items in the mail that I know I didn’t order. I checked my online credit card statement, and found 5 items listed that I didn’t order. Someone had used my credit card to order these items from 5 different companies, but the items were shipped to me. I immediately called my credit card company and cancelled the card. They said that I was not liable for the transactions, but that I was responsible for returning the items to the 5 companies. My question is, how did the thief get any money from these transactions?

  • Hey, Carders: can you answer Marc’s question (see above)? Marc, lots of carders visit this page, but I’m not sure they look at the comments. We’ll see!

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  • Marc says:

    I talked to the head of one of the companies that had sent me an item. He said that sometimes someone sets up a website for one of these companies that resell products and services at a discount. Then he gets people to buy things from him and he gets a commission on everything, even thought the products or services came to me. Don’t know if that’s what happened here, but it’s a possibility.

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  • Marc says:

    Here’s a follow up to my question above. I talked with an employee of the Clark Howard show about this. He said that the above scenario (commissions on sales) wouldn’t work, because as soon as the items are returned and the transactions cancelled, the commissions would be revoked. He also said that sometimes thieves order items to be sent to the person who owns the credit card, then waits for the mail to be delivered and steals the items from the person’s mailbox before the owner arrives home to pick up his mail. This seems unlikely to me. The thief would have to know when the mail is delivered to you house to avoid sitting in front of your house all day. And he would have to live nearby. I guess if the card were stolen by a local merchant after a recent transaction this would be possible. In any case, it didn’t work, because I am retired, and always pick up my mail as soon as it is delivered.

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