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Learn how pickpockets steal. See what they look like. Never become a victim. Start with the PICKPOCKETS! link above. Read up before you travel, not after you become a pickpocket's victim or a con artist's fool. Turn your travel concerns into travel confidence, then hit the road and have the last laugh on the thieves!

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Pickpockets & other thieves & how to avoid them
worst cities for pickpocketing

Worst cities for pickpocketing?


We are often asked which are the worst cities for pickpocketing. It always seems the correspondent or the journalist hopes that we will confirm…

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train track

Theft on a train


Christine boarded a train in Cologne, Germany, to travel to Frankfurt. Approaching her first class seat, she saw a man in the seat opposite…

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Pickpocket police; "Vic," a pickpocket policeman from Xxxx, visiting Paris.

Pickpocket Pickpockets Pickpocket Policeman


No, Bob Arno was not the thief in this incident. It happened on the Paris Metro at the Chatelet station. The thief was a…

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pickpocket foiled

Pickpocket foiled on Rome train


Dear Bambi and Bob, July 26th, 2015 was a typical hot summer day in Rome. My family and I decided to visit the Bhorgese…

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Pickpocket in Naples, Italy

Deception in Thievery


Trust me…  The gentlemen thief of the strategist variety is a consummate con man. By design, he thwarts suspicion and earns his intended victim’s…

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Beggars in Stockholm

Gypsy Beggars in Sweden: Documentary


If you’re even a little interested in the explosion of gypsy beggars across Europe, and particularly in Sweden, you must see this documentary. It’s Bulgarian…

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Stockholm beggars: A political message about beggars in Stockholm's Östermalmstorg subway station.

Stockholm beggars incite political daring


Stockholm beggars, still clogging streets, store entrances, and subway entrances throughout the city, reflect a problem all of Sweden is experiencing. The beggars come…

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Venice pickpockets


Venice pickpockets are identified on a poster taped up all over Venice. Take a good look and you’ll realize it’s pretty hopeless to identify…

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Pickpocket paradise: a tram packed to bursting, thieves squashed against victims

Pickpocket paradise: a crowded bus


Pickpocket paradise, but still requires nerve and patience Luciano’s morning hit was tense. He had ridden the trams during what should have been rush-hour,…

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Eiffel Tower pickpockets. Gone at night. No crowds, no pickpockets, no entry.

Eiffel Tower pickpockets force landmark closing


The Eiffel Tower was closed due to pickpockets most of Friday. Once again, this so-called “petty crime” has affected tens of thousands. How many…

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Clothes left in hotel bed?

Hotel Oddity #50. Whose clothes are in the bed?


It’s my birthday, and we’re on the road, as usual. This time it’s an okay low-budget hotel in Anchorage. Our plan for a nice…

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Hotel luggage storage: Who's responsible for luggage left in the hotel lobby?

Leaving bags in hotel luggage storage


At check-out time, you call a bellman to collect your luggage. You pay your bill, then tip your bellman for loading your bags into…

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of things we like
  • Smartphone thieves in Barcelona

    Smartphone thieves in Barcelona

    How smartphone-thieves work
  • Kharem. Pickpocket in Barcelona

    Kharem. Pickpocket in Barcelona

    Portrait of a multi-talented pickpocket
  • Pigeon Poop Pickpocket in Barcelona

    Pigeon Poop Pickpocket in Barcelona

    A devious pickpocket exploits your goodness
  • Gamila. Pickpocket in Barcelona

    Gamila. Pickpocket in Barcelona

    A lipsticked pickpocket tells all
  • Nuncio. Pickpocket in Naples

    Nuncio. Pickpocket in Naples

    Bob Arno steals his tie
  • Wilmer. Pickpocket in Lima

    Wilmer. Pickpocket in Lima

    Tough kid, survival stealing
  • Pacco man. Bait and switch thief in Naples

    Pacco man. Bait and switch thief in Naples

    Deal too good to be true? Run!
  • Al'alla. Retired pickpocket in Tangiers

    Al'alla. Retired pickpocket in Tangiers

    Talking to thieves in an opium den
  • Pickpockets in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Pickpockets in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Analysis: how pickpockets work
  • Gangsters in Colon, Panama

    Gangsters in Colon, Panama

    Dangerous night with gangsters

Thiefhunters in Paradise, the research and education repository of Bob Arno and Bambi Vincent, is about pickpockets, thieves, scammers, gangsters, con artists, and travel. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of thieves.

Pickpockets and property theft are the travel industry’s dirty little secret. Understandably, no one wants to talk about them. Not the travel magazines with advertisers to placate, not the boards of tourism with countries to promote, not travel agencies or packagers with clients to enthuse, or cruise lines with a carefree ambiance to emphasize. And why should they? It’s just a petty crime.

Who is to reveal the status quo but a stage-stealing Swede and his fancy accessory?

Because it represents our passion, as well as an integral part of our career, we’ll continue to skulk underground and pound the pavement. Sometimes though, on sweltering trains so crowded I’m pressed like a daisy in a dictionary, I’ll question our endeavors and the gritty reality of mingling with outlaws. Then we’ll catch a thief. We’ll capture a slick steal on video, which will later be used to illustrate our presentations to the public and help train police departments. We’ll discover some new artifice, an old trick twisted to exploit the moment. And that is our reward.