Video surveillance

Who’s looking at you when you buy a coffee? It’s creepy, when you know all they can see.

At the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, where Bob was a keynote speaker, I saw SmartConnect‘s live demo of actual video surveillance. The client we spied on was a coffee chain store at McCarren Airport. No surprise that I saw the employees and customers, but I also saw an image of each customer’s itemized receipt—as it was generated. I could see all stats pertaining to each transaction in real time, as if I were there. Did the cashier apply an employee discount to the sale? Did she leave the cash drawer open for more than x seconds? Just how many employee discounts did that cashier register today, anyway?

It was all there, laid out on one big screen, along with multiple video images of the employees and customers as they interacted. On a giant plasma display with almost life-size images, it truly felt like peeking over the shoulder of the employees.

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  • Right, but only IF the video was being monitored. The majority of video surveillance is unmonitored, and only used after the fact to, hopefully, ID the perps.

  • Would have been great in Italy where the Cappucino was drugged (Street Crimes in Rome posting)

  • Now I feel good! We just saw Jack Black and Seth Green chasing Will Smith and Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State again so we’re like real cozy. Seeing recent SMTP delays of up to one week for a delivery has everybody wondering.

  • With all the drug abuse that we see concerning nurses it would be interesting to have smartconnect in our med rooms! (drug are pulled out of our omnicells)

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