Millennium Biltmore security lapse

Hotel Oddity #52 — Millennium Biltmore security lapse


I wrote about this ages ago, way back in Hotel Oddity #6, but back then the idiotic installation was in the Miami Radisson Mart…

Enjoy your life! Hotel oddity

Hotel Oddity #51. Enjoy your life!


At the Carmos Hotel in Madeira, you are heartily encouraged to enjoy your life! Good idea! Okay, let’s start now! Enjoy your life! This…

Clothes left in hotel bed?

Hotel Oddity #50. Whose clothes are in the bed?


It’s my birthday, and we’re on the road, as usual. This time it’s an okay low-budget hotel in Anchorage. Our plan for a nice…

Bedside control - hotel oddity

Hotel oddity #49 – Bedside control


Can you read this? I love bedside controls, but this one was tricky. The buttons were small, the text tiny, icons obscure. Who designed…

Shangri-La tea at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

Hotel Oddity #48. Shangri-la tea


This intriguing basket was waiting in our room when we checked into the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore. It had been a long journey for…

At the Four Seasons Sultanahmet, a beautiful presentation of raki, the local anise liquor, to which water is added.

Four Seasons Hotel Perfection—Hotel Oddity #47


What has the Four Seasons Sultanahmet in Istanbul not thought of? I’ve already written about its coffee delivered with wake-up call, a practice worthy…

Four Seasons wakeup call comes with coffee delivered to your door.

Wake-up call — Hotel Oddity #46


Four Seasons wake-up call: great morning! I recently had the great fortune to stay in the Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district. The…

Hotel Oddity #45

Hotel Oddity #45


Window magic at Hotel Luna Baglioni I was happy to discover that all three windows opened in my beautiful room at Hotel Luna Baglioni….

Hotel oddity: bugs in hotel room

Bugs in Hotels — Hotel Oddity #43


NIGHTMARES, ANYONE? These curtains look ordinary at first glance. Who scrutinizes the design on hotel room curtains? But your eyes have registered the subtle…

Hotel speak — Hotel Oddity #42

Hotel speak — Hotel Oddity #42


Hotel speak “Welcome! We have a lovely room for you in our resort wing, overlooking the pool!” Reality: Yeah, directly opposite the looming parking…

drink-drugging; devil's breath; scopolamine; burundanga

Hotel drink-drugging (Hotel oddity #41)


The Mysterious Case of the Uninvited Hotel Room Night Visitors “UNBELIEVABLE!” our friend Donny said when we unexpectedly met in the morning. “Bizarre! I…

Radisson masterknocker

Hotel oddity #40 – Masterknocker – Radisson USC doorknocker


Radisson USC doorknocker Masterknocker knock-off University of California’s official hotel for the parents of its college students is run by Radisson Hotels. Each room…

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel

Hotel Oddity #39


We had a huge suite at the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel in Barcelona. Surrounding the spacious bedroom, there was a sitting room, an office,…

Hotel shower curtain hung backwards

Hotel oddity #38


Here’s another hotel oddity. The Marine Plaza Hotel in Mumbai got it a little wrong. The nice fabric shower curtain is on the inside,…

Hotel room door: Mercure hotel room door left unlocked all day by housekeeping.

Hotel security: room door left open by housekeeping


A lightning bolt of fear shoots down your spine when, returning late to your hotel room, you see the door is not fully closed….

Floating signs—in-your-face.

Hotel oddity #37


The floating sign. As if the preponderance of signs in hotel rooms were not in-your-face enough. For this hotel in Berlin, messages stuck on…

Tense sign

Hotel oddity #35


ANOTHER hotel getting personal, just trying to help. This one’s in Berlin. The sign’s in the shower, where we’re exhorted to pay attention to…

Bedbug on fingertip

Nature’s bed bug trap


As a very frequent traveler, I can’t let myself focus on the nightmare of hotel bed bug infestations. I’m queasily aware of the increasing…

Cadiz hotel bathroom

Hotel oddity #33


Cadiz hotel mystery knobs. What could they be for? They’re way up there, beyond my tiptoed reach. There were no connectors, no hoses—not even…

Hotel registry on display

Hotel guests: read all about ’em


So much personal information on display at quaint, old-fashioned hotels like the one we recently stayed at in Bali. Which rooms are occupied? What…