Stolen purse leads to worse

Mother and child

Ms. Shopper’s in the store when her kid has to pee. While she’s helping the little one, her purse is stolen from the store restroom. She put it on the floor, hung it from the hook, left it on the stroller, whatever. Now it’s gone. She reports it to the store manager and goes home, distraught.

At home she gets a phone call. It’s the store. They’ve got her purse. She packs the little one into the car and drives back to the store with relief and apprehension. What will be missing from her bag?

Mom and child

Dragging the kid, she marches into the store, finds a manager, and expresses her gratitude, relief, and apprehension, all at once.

“We didn’t find it,” the manager says.
“But you phoned!”
“We didn’t.”

Ms. Shopper goes home, rattled.
Yep. Her house has been burglarized.
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  • May 19, 2010


    Holy Moly! That’s a new one! Who would ever even think of that.

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