I found this red circle embedded in the wooden table at a coffee shop in the Helsinki airport. Next to it was a little placard instructing me to get me to request a ring from the cashier. When I ordered two coffees and a ring, the cashier asked me what kind of device I have and handed over a ring for iPhone on a fob.

Plugged into my phone, I set the ring on the red circle in front of me on the table. My phone charged and I was delighted. I know that cups of coffee are $4 apiece in Scandinavia even without free phone-charging.

PowerKiss is a new Finnish company providing “a wire-free charging solution,” and the vision of releasing people from the inconvenience of using charging cables, and to make charging on the go simple.” The tech company’s gizmo turns furniture into electromagnetic induction charging stations.

I liked it, except for the fact that wires are convenient. You can use your phone while it charges on a wire.

Still, if PowerKiss catches on, I can imagine pulling my own ring out of my bag instead of a cable for charging. I’m just not sure it’s any more convenient than sticking a wire into a USB port. Or what I usually do: plug in my laptop, and wire my phone to it.

PowerKiss ring

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