Naples pickpocket Angelo sighted

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Naples pickpocket Angelo
Naples pickpocket Angelo

Dear Bob Arno and Bambi Vincent,

I want to thank you for your information. Before I went to Naples I searched for info on street crime and pickpockets there and also saw your info and video.

As preparation I only had some cash on me in my front pocket and knew the tactics.

Naples pickpocket Angelo

Riding on the notorious R2 bus for a visit to Pompeii I recognised one guy (I think it was Angelo) [from Pickpocket King] and certainly knew that he had bad intentions even when he entered the bus in the front about eight meters from me.

He went out and in with some guys, looked me straight in my eyes and then went for my pockets. As I knew what his goal was I could move away from him while still noticing that they were checking my pockets.

The older Italians complemented me for my reaction and asked if I was robbed. I was not.

However, it was agressive that he went for me even though he must have known that I knew that he was up to this.

I have only experienced this agressive pickpocket behaviour in Naples and not in Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens etc.

One thing that I don’t understand is that these guys can continue their pickpocket work. A ten year ban on public transport would do the job maybe? But I think there must be a bribe.

But most of all I would like to thank you for the information that made me enjoy my trip. I will not go back to Naples and prefer the other cities.

Best Regards,
[Name withheld by request]

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