Hotel Oddity #9

Plugged tub


Holiday Inn Bastille

I don’t think a plugged-up hotel bathtub or sink is terribly odd. The number of them we run into though, is. Why doesn’t housekeeping discover them? Shouldn’t they realize that a slow or stopped-up drain needs fixing before a guest arrives? This was the only flaw in our otherwise excellent Paris hotel. It was fixed right away.

Breakfast, I might add, was superb. Shall I name the place? Why not. It was the Holiday Inn Bastille—the joint beside the sex shop.

TV remotes with low or dead batteries, and missing lightbulbs, fall into the same category as slow drains. We run into these as well. Little irritations when you’ve traveled far, maybe checked in late, or early after an overnight flight. Sloppy. Shouldn’t happen in a decent hotel.

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  • In the hotel pet peeve department, ours is the following. Insufficient lighting to read in bed. Water glasses that you know were wiped out with a rag used god knows where. The need to clean phones, remotes, door knobs etc. because one knows they are never cleaned.

    I could go on, but if this makes me half a nut, going on would make me a complete nut.

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