Hotel oddity #27

shallow sink

square sink

Nice square sink at the stylish Empire Hotel in Manhattan. Delicious little apples, too.

Another example of form over function though. You can barely get your hands under the faucet, the sink is so shallow.

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  • Hi Bob,
    My name is Rasmus, I’m from Uppsala and I’m working in a youth hostel in Oslo.
    We have problems with pickpockets stealing things from our guests, and just last week, had a group of 3 gypsies pulling off an astonishing feat stealing an iPhone from one of my collegues from behind the desk, when it was lying right in front of him.
    Anyway I’m interested in the subject and I wonder if you have any tips of how I as a receptionist can act in order to reduce the problems. Apart from the most obvious things, I guess, like being generally observant.
    Thank you in advance, glad sommar.


  • Don’t you wonder who designed that sink, and who would choose it? It’s both funny and stupid.

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