Handicap stall in ladies rooms

Handicap stall ladies room
Ladies: it’s not a parking place.

90% of the times I bypass a long line at a ladies’ room, I find an unused, available, extra-wide, “accessible” cubicle. Trained by parking spaces, women think those toilet stalls are reserved for handicapped women. No ladies—they’re not!

Disabled women have a right to an accessible toilet, but not necessarily without waiting their turn. In an airport, we all expect to wait.

Handicap stall use

So I use the handicap stall. Yes, I’m cutting the line. I could suggest that the first woman waiting use the empty stall, but she has already decided to avoid it. And then I’d return to the end of an even longer line, which grew while I was inside trying to make things happen. And while I’m way back in the line, how do I know everyone ahead of me will continue to make use of the accessible stall?

So I use it. And from then on, at least for a while, the line moves quicker. I get an advantage, but everyone else in the line also benefits.

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