Gypsy Beggars in Sweden: Documentary

If you’re even a little interested in the explosion of gypsy beggars across Europe, and particularly in Sweden, you must see this documentary. It’s Bulgarian with English subtitles, in three parts.

Gypsy Beggars in Sweden

“Bulgarian TV host Mirolyuba Benatova interviews bulgarian gypsy beggars in Sweden and asks questions about their income and the criminal aspects of it.”

If you watch the documentary, please tell me in the comments below: Did it change your mind in any way? Did it confirm something you suspected? How was it enlightening?

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  • So far I have only watched part 1. I’d rather deal with these beggars than a pickpocket. People willingly give them money. Pickpockets take without consent. These people aren’t stealing in that sense.

    I think the criminal act is when they are working for someone. I don’t believe a word when these street beggars say they don’t give a percentage of their profits. They do! Or They give something else…whatever that might be…but they give something.

    I do have to agree, this is a better life than what many would have in Bulgaria. I don’t find it to be an honest living, not at all. But at least it’s not like pickpocketing, stealing.

    Ok! On to the next 2 parts :)

    On another note: I found this site a few days ago and have been reading the blog postings. I wanted more info on the issues in Europe in regard to scams and thieving as I will be visiting for 3 weeks in the spring. This site has been incredibly educational. I have enjoyed it very much and I feel more comfortable and prepared for my trip. Thank you! The Nat Geo video was fantastic.

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