Comments for Thiefhunters in Paradise Pickpockets, Con Artists, Gangsters, Thieves, and Travel Sun, 19 Apr 2015 17:06:40 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Bangkok airport scam and fake police by Bambi Vincent Sun, 19 Apr 2015 17:06:40 +0000 Chris, tell me more. Were these items that you purchased in the airport? Were the customs officers in the same airport? I’d like to hear how this worked.

Comment on Bangkok airport scam and fake police by Chris Sun, 19 Apr 2015 07:03:33 +0000 The official customs officers in Bankok airport stole our duty free after shave and perfume in front of us under the guise of some rule….corrupt. I am never going back to Thailand.

Comment on Why pickpockets are not afraid of police by yelm Sat, 18 Apr 2015 22:02:36 +0000 What a great story. Not many people can say they have interacted with pick pockets in such a friendly and co operative way.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by chan Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:00:50 +0000 I have. Fullz info for sale includes all card details full address,ssn,dob,driver licence number all cards are checked and live only £10 each inbox me if interested or for more info [deleted] any country or any state

Comment on Psychic Schools or Scam Schools? by Bambi Vincent Thu, 16 Apr 2015 22:58:28 +0000 Jason, I’d guess that these schools are making a lot of money, and that’s all they care about. I must admit, I have not ever experienced dead people showing up during love-making. You said you had a “fake psychic” channel you. Maybe you should have gotten a real psychic!

Comment on Romanian beggars by Los santos Thu, 16 Apr 2015 08:28:24 +0000 Very interesting post. The Roma dilemma has become an increasingly stressful one. I live in the south of Stockholm and I’m in town daily. Folkungatan has now gone beyond a joke. The place is a real mess. Litter everywhere.

Beggars are competing for places on the streets and their methods are getting more and more invasive. Yesterday for example, I was enjoying a Thai meal with a friend, until two young Roma men saunter in off the street waving a Sofia magazine in my face (which is their equivalent of situation/big issue).
The pair proceeded to walk around in search of anything they could get their hands on. They came to a plate of left overs and began eating from it, standing nice and relaxed despite staff being present. One of them goes over to the cutlery, and helps himself to a fork and went back to eat from the plate. Then they left.
My friend was shocked. As was the man who worked there. Presumably Lebanese. He said to me in Swedish, “why is it everyone else has to work hard when they come to Sweden?” . A question I ask myself time and time again. why do these beggars expect to be given everything? They’ve just come to expect a free ride. The absolute gall of these people to come to a far flung land in droves and take advantage of it hosts good nature is bemusing.

I also read an. Article in metro describing the Romani beggars as EU migrants. A safe hedging phrase which could literally mean anyone that comes from the EU. I’m from Ireland. That makes me an eu migrant. I think swedes are so vocally oppressed, for fear of being branded a bigoted racist. In Ireland we still say what we see. In Ireland people will tell you straight what they think on any given situation. Which is refreshing.

Roma had flooded into Dublin am stayed until the economy crashed. Then they jumped ship. A night out in town became a nightmare. Hey were everywhere. Competing with heroin addicts. The mothers would sit with baby’s under their arms. Some people say they would sedate the kids in order to keep them docile. (I can only speculate on this).

They pushed the local beggars off their spots using intimadation and power of numbers. It’s happening here now as well. For example there’s an old man who has been selling situation magazine in slussen for years. It was his spot for the last 15 years. People knew him. Had a rapport with him. And looked after him. He was an alcoholic in and out of homeless shelters.

Since he’s been forced off his spot you can see he’s too scarred to go back and confront the beggars.

I always used to give change to them, but then you would pass at least 15 on the way to work. If you give 10kr per person that’s 150kr. I’m sick of beingbmento feel guilty every time I go for shopping by the two women outside my local supermarket. It’s become a gauntlet now. I try and go as little as possible from now on.
I think swedes need to wake up to this problem. They are such an easy target. It’s a Shame to see good people being taken advantage of.
My friend works in a chemist in the city centre. Back in January a lady bought a beggar woman a pair of spiked shoes for the snow. As soon as the lady left, the woman came in with the receipt. My friend said he reluctantly had to give her the money.

In terms of organised begging. I wouldn’t be too surprised. I’d say there is a mix of individuals who follow the migration. Along with people sent here. The Roma community need to be socially integrated the same way as everybody else. Workingnand paying taxes. There are people here in Sweden from far worse

circumstances who are here working hard and doing well for them selves. Naive and sympathetically biased articles in metro and expressen serve to do nothing other than muddy the water.

Sweden is a scammers dream. It’s ripe for exploitation. Stockholm was once a clean and safe town where the honour system was present and people lived a good moral code. It’s now starting to feel like any other City in Europe. Which is a real shame.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by chris Thu, 16 Apr 2015 04:06:32 +0000 just make sure you swipe you own card at stores and not let the people that work there do it
,but online just order things from real stores ,trust me i know and theirs only a few people that left comments thats right ,1 more thing drive through like wendys are bad

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by Toxic Kratos Tue, 14 Apr 2015 05:42:16 +0000 01.New Credit card database hacked with Fresh Cards by TOXIC KRATOS
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Comment on Barcelona pickpocket statistics: 6,000 thefts per day on visitors by Bambi Vincent Mon, 13 Apr 2015 23:13:37 +0000 Paul, you are right. The more you and others publicize your experiences, the more urgent it will become for the city to take notice and take action. That is the reason it is so valuable to file police reports, even though they are rarely helpful. Make your addition to the statistics visible.

I appreciate your venting!

Comment on Pigeon poop pickpocket by Bambi Vincent Mon, 13 Apr 2015 22:50:38 +0000 Good report, Erika, and good advice. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops: Don’t let anyone help clean you off! Try not to let strangers touch you. It goes against our nature, and the thieves know it. Victims of this filthy trick are grateful for the nearby good samaritans. Later, the horrible truth shakes their faith in mankind.

Comment on Barcelona pickpocket statistics: 6,000 thefts per day on visitors by Bambi Vincent Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:15:03 +0000 Thanks for your report, Peter. Nice to read a positive report of a successful visit. I do believe your caution, preparedness, and awareness worked for you!

Comment on Barcelona pickpocket statistics: 6,000 thefts per day on visitors by Peter Harding Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:24:37 +0000 I have just returned from a 3 night stay in Barcelona and had a fantastic time with my 13 year old son, we arrived on Tuesday, went to see Barca v Almeria on Wednesday and then went back for the Camp Nou tour and museum on Thursday. We stayed in a little hotel just off La Rambla near the port. We had no problems at all, I don’t know if we were lucky or just careful, I knew about the pickpockets before arriving and we were both very careful. We kept everything in our room safe and only took out what we needed for that day. I think you are at your most vulnerable when you arrive and step off the airport bus, you’ve no idea where you are, you have bags everywhere and to advertise it even more you have a map open trying to find your hotel. I found La Rambla a very interesting area and couldn’t believe how many people were walking up and down the road. I guess it is a pickpocket’s paradise! The only time I felt a little concerned is when we were late one night walking back to the hotel along La Rambla about 23:00, the crowds had disappeared and there seemed a lot of people trying to get you into bars or trying to sell you stuff. I was even offered a can of beer which I now know is someone probably selling drugs. We kept everyone well away from us and didn’t talk to any of them. We also didn’t have bags with us, wallets and phones were firmly in our front pockets. I think if you walk around as if you are “aware” of people then they will leave you alone. Don’t trust anyone! When I had a rucksack with me I kept it close to my front and always kept looking around. It gets a bit tiring being “aware” all the time but it worked for us. Like I say, maybe we were lucky. Overall, I loved it in Barcelona, the people were very friendly and spoke very good English.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by pookie Sat, 11 Apr 2015 11:31:13 +0000 I got card numbers…
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Comment on Psychic Schools or Scam Schools? by Jason S Fri, 10 Apr 2015 19:35:57 +0000 P.T. Barnum said it best….the only thing these people are learning is “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Lol Or was it the “fool is born every minute.” either way the whole school thing is such a crock. If you are you are if you aren’t you pay someone to tell you you are. In reality it is a horrible thing to have to deal with. Dead people show up at bad times, when your making love for example. It isn’t something you “learn” for most it is something you do not want to have. It is irritating at best, I cannot help the dead. I cannot do anything. I had a fake psychic “channel” me a week before I was diagnosed with pancreatic issues. So I feel that real things happen without direction as the afterlife or lack thereof is without direction at best. lost souls are not orderly or they wouldn’t be lost in my opinion. But yeah the school thing is a crock put on by fakes trying to fleece fools with hopes and dreams that they have but that are unattainable for them. If they spent the time helping them find the reason they haven’t been able to let go of the person i feel that would merit real help and attencion from the ones who have this horrible affliction. Me myself at times have harder days than others. Different places cause different reactions. I live in the North California area rural. So i have a few places where the Lake Tribes inscribed on rocks and other things which are places of power and direction. But if you are not a Brujo finding the right direction at a place of power is pointless, if people do not have the ability it means nothing to them. Knowledge is given and passed through the blood and the misery of death on a massive scale…..this is more for bored housewives and rich kids. I make no money from this. I want no money, but I have helped a few people that needed it. Mainly due to it being a irritant, and by telling them what they needed to hear i ended my irritating….feelings. Like with cancer, family members, drugs things of this nature. only a few times was it something I had no realization of what I was saying until I was told. You cannot teach a kind heart, a gentle hand, soothing words. When you are dealing with the soul or Sangria of a person you must have the touch regardless, otherwise things become fake and messy. Peace upon you.

Comment on Psychic Schools or Scam Schools? by Shokisamma Fri, 10 Apr 2015 19:35:44 +0000 At least Findlay looks the part. Harry Potter would be right a home – maybe he is.