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Comment on Beggars in Stockholm by Count Sun, 25 Jan 2015 18:58:20 +0000 I am new to this website and really enjoy it. I used to give to beggars when I was a kid, but after treading the dark side of the world for almost two decades, I don’t give anymore and feel none of that “obligatory pity and shame” for not doing so.

INSTEAD, each year, I donate a percentage of my earnings to established legal charities, including a couple that assist people in need. I have seen far far faaaar more “phony” beggars than legitimate ones over the years and have hardened my heart (on the street level).

Comment on Barcelona pickpocket statistics: 6,000 thefts per day on visitors by Count Sun, 25 Jan 2015 06:21:19 +0000 Never was pick pocketed in Barcelona but I thwarted about five purse picking attempts within the first hour of riding the subway. I tend to pay attention to society’s underbelly, as I was in executive protection before becoming a cop (14 years police so far). Each time, the guys seemed to have chosen their victim while on the platform and them boarded the train closely tucked behind the victim in her blind spot. The thieve’s behavior seemed to indicate that they were planning on grabbing as the doors opened at a subsequent stop. They were very uncomfortable with me staring at them like a locked on tiger. After a few weak attempts to stare me down, they got off at the next stop without stealing anything. Only one postured up to try to intimidate. I told him I was going to break his face and then alerted the woman to move away from him. However, a cab driver pretty much kidnapped me and my girlfriend by pretending the address to the hotel I gave him didn’t exist and took me to the opposite end of the city. Despite protests, he kept playing dumb and then stopped. After he took my luggage out, he charged me 40 Euro. I told him if he could take it from me, it was his. He said he was going to call the police and I called his bluff. We walked away and caught another cab and told the new driver what happened. I had to insist he took fare from me because he felt so bad and didn’t want to charge after what the other guy did. I thought he was pretty cool for that. Scummy cab driver and a honorable one all in the course of an hour and a half!

Comment on Romanian beggars by Bambi Vincent Sat, 24 Jan 2015 09:53:37 +0000 Most interesting to get a Romanian’s perspective, Marck. I wish you’d tell us more. You corroborate what I’ve read and heard for years, but I haven’t been to the small villages that have become wealthy with bad money. Have you spoken to the Rom people much? I’ve had fascinating conversations with some, through interpreters, in Spain, France, Italy, and Constanta. Not many Rom want to open up and speak freely to outsiders, but my husband somehow gets them to talk.

Here in Sweden, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would choose to sit in the snow, not moving, on the hard pavement, all day waiting for handouts. I would like to hear from them if, or how, they are forced by someone to spend those miserable hours.

There are discussions between Sweden and a Romanian minister right now, but these talks are ongoing, and nothing ever seems to come of them. All they succeed in doing is to recognize that the situation exists.

Tell us more from your side!

Comment on Romanian beggars by marck duk Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:20:20 +0000 My friends i visited Stockholm in 2008 even then there was Romanians and RRom that,s the name for a gipsy witch is inappropriate because they are known like Cigans from ancient times in old Grece however you take a trip only in Constanta but you should take a trip in Strehaia ,Craiova ,Timisoara ,all over the Romania there are big houses build only from street crime but the bribe in Romania is too big and nobody say nothing . No RRom (țigani) ever paid taxes still they have big houses and last model of Lamborghini with money from begging and stealing and from many other crimes :) i am a romanian living in Romania and driving a truck across Europe i know what i say ;)

Comment on Romanian beggars by Bambi Vincent Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:10:06 +0000 So interesting, Skåne. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience and perspective. Yours is a good counterpoint to mine and others’. My husband and I haven’t yet found a Romanian beggar who speaks enough English, Swedish, French, or German to have a decent conversation. Or, they pretend they don’t speak, possibly.

I have asked the opinion of many Romanians, though, in Romania, in Sweden, and in other parts of Europe. The opinion is unanimous among them: that these begging Romanians are Roma, and that the Roma (for the most part) do not have a tradition of holding a job. There are jobs to be had in Romania, but these people prefer to get money in other ways. To me, what they do IS hard work: sitting still, uncomfortable, bad living conditions, away from family, looking pathetic. But it does seem that they choose this lifestyle over the more conventional one.

Might you offer this young man some work? I’d love to hear how that goes. Seems you’d be doing him a service by allowing him to give value for money. Please let me know!

Comment on Romanian beggars by Skåne, Sweden Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:47:53 +0000 I have made contact with a Rumanien lad in Sweden. He sits from morning to evening outside a food shop whatever the weather. Many days the temperature is around or under zero degrees. I was curious about him and have on several occasions stopped to talk to him.
He is not illiterate and he seems candid and genuine. He went to school in Rumania and speaks English and a little Swedish. He is in Sweden with his sister and they both sleep in a tent.
I give him food, but not money and I see that others do the same. He smiles, is always polite and seems genuinely grateful. I have explained that people in this area are often unable to give money simply because, in this small and quiet area, they use credit cards for all their purchases. He says that people in Sweden are kind to him.

He has been approached by gangs of Rumanien men telling him that if he doesn´t agree to pay them, that they will ´remove` him. He says he is not organised and never will be. He would like me to ask around among my family, friends and acquainances for any work they may be able to give him.

Whether or not he is genuine I can´t know. But one thing is for sure: nobody chooses that lifestyle if thay have a better alternative. That is enough for me. I may be gullible, but this is a tough world and as a citizen in it along with everyone else, I believe we should do what we can to help those in need.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by dimaria Sun, 18 Jan 2015 09:34:53 +0000 same here i have many cc with me ,but only the cc numbers there no expiry date numbers thr!! Please can u help how to use it like that ??? We both share if he help me..i am from africa.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by cadinal Sun, 18 Jan 2015 09:31:45 +0000 same here i have many cc with me ,but only the cc numbers there no expiry date numbers thr!! Please can u help how to use it like that ??? We both share if he help me..i am from africa.

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by cadinal. Sun, 18 Jan 2015 09:28:31 +0000 same here i have many cc with me ,but only the cc numbers there no expiry date numbers thr!! Please can u help how to use it like that ??

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by Web Radar Sun, 18 Jan 2015 09:13:38 +0000 Black Hat is right….
any ideas ..what to do wid stolen card$ ?

i have many cards ..but dont know how i use it online and be untraceble…

any help plz…i give some bucks if real way helped..

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by Black Hatt Sun, 18 Jan 2015 08:58:50 +0000 All fools….

Ip/vpn trace and trans id tracing is enough other than btc exchange….

cc no.s are lolypop…you all foool…

what u do with those cc?? think before act…

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by siskycarder Wed, 14 Jan 2015 19:32:26 +0000 i seek u [deleted] thats number of time it has happened ,only hacker4s or carders will understand

Comment on How a stolen credit card number makes cash for a fraudster by shamz Sun, 11 Jan 2015 18:29:09 +0000 i need cvv please contact me icq [deleted]

Comment on Beggars in Stockholm by Surgiosphynx Sun, 11 Jan 2015 02:48:41 +0000 Hey!

I came across this blog whilst doing some secondary research for my own blog on the very same topic. I must say, this is a very well structured piece.

Anyhow, I think the one thing missing from this is an actual POV from the beggers themselves. It seems all of your writing is coming from a “They are criminals” perspective. I fully agree with pretty much everything you’ve written on how the majority of them are linked to the criminality organisations

Having acquaintance with some “Romanian Gypsies” who are born and raised in Stockholm and speak “zigenska” the gypsies own language (which isn’t anything close to romanian) I managed to interview two brothers who are “Turk-Romanian” beggers in Stockholm.

They were probably the only “genuine” beggers I have met in Stockholm. They admitted how the “organisation” works. How everyday a group of them are assigned to collect pant whereas the others are assigned different spots throughout Stockholm to beg with various methods (playing instruments, the picture card of their family etc) by their “leaders” who are in strong financial situations.

Having said that, walking through Sveavägen or Vasagatan at 3am after a night out shows the scale of difficulty they go through, even in this harsh winter…

They have real problems within their organisation too and cannot do anything about it because they are in a host country, don’t know the language and are genuinely hopeless. So they do what they know best, take (not make) money in any way possible.

It is appalling this kind of scams exist in the twenty first century, especially in a strong country like Sweden. It’s even worse when people fall for something you know is “a scam” and you cannot stop them because it makes them feel better about themselves. But we all have to educate ourselves and see beyond what our eyes show.

It truly sucks how only a tiny tiny minority of these beggers can speak english at all. People would truly be able to see through them if they were able to communicate with them.