What are Airport baggage kickers?

Packing tips. Luggage. Airport baggage kickers.
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Regular readers of Thiefhunters in Paradise know that I recommend hard-sided luggage and avoid zippered bags as checked luggage. I’ve seen way too many exploded zippers on the baggage carousel with their guts strewn around, some most likely lost for good.

We all know that baggage handlers are tough on luggage, but airport baggage-bowels are much worse. Have you heard of airport baggage kickers? They route bags through the labyrinth of conveyer belts with a swift kick to the side, the corner, the zipper—wherever the blind mechanism happens to strike. They give checked bags more of a beating than I imagined. No wonder my aluminum suitcases emerge more scratched and dented after every flight.

Airport baggage kickers

David Cameron, a reader who pointed me to the top two brutal videos below, has assembled a nice compilation of hard-sided luggage. He describes many brands and models on his site, SafeSuitcases.com.

If you travel with checked luggage, you have to see the videos below!

And an actual rollercoaster for luggage, Mr. Baggage’s Endless Ride:

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  • I think there are videos of airport employee luggage thieves to be found, Debra. Both TSA and airport baggage handlers. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some. They’re just a search away!

  • Love to see a video of the TSA opening and going through people’s luggage. Behind the scenes….bet we will never see that!

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