Castellers, the human towers

Castellers, the Human Towers – with video


Castellers build human towers of intricate design, topped by little children—called angels—who scamper up five or more levels of adults, raise a hand to…

Nairobi airport security

Nairobi Airport Security Officer’s Bribe


My sister had the most terrifying experience in Nairobi a few weeks ago. “As you know,” she said to her jet-setting family members, “flying…

Upskirt Oslo Central Train Station

Upskirt Oslo Central Train Station — Why you shouldn’t wear a dress in Oslo


What kind of perv built this place? This is the Central Train Station in Oslo, Norway. The first time I passed through the station…

lunatic taxi driver

Lunatic taxi driver — drives okay, talks crazy


At what point do you say Stop the taxi and let me out! ? If the driver’s really crazy, how might he react to…

Millennium Biltmore security lapse

Hotel Oddity #52 — Millennium Biltmore security lapse


I wrote about this ages ago, way back in Hotel Oddity #6, but back then the idiotic installation was in the Miami Radisson Mart…

hollywood attractions distractions tourist crime

Hollywood Attractions, Distractions, and Tourist Crime


What do thiefhunters on vacation do to unwind from workdays detecting and preventing crimes against world travelers? We grab a cocktail, and hobnob with…

The pigeon poop pickpocket of Barcelona

Pigeon Poop Pickpocket in Marbella, Spain


The famous pigeon poop pickpocket of Barcelona has been spotted in Marbella, Spain. Is he enjoying a working vacation in the southern coastal resort…

Bob Arno on Little Big Shots Forever Young with Steve Harvey

See Bob Arno steal from Steve Harvey


“I’d love you to be my partner in crime, Mr. Harvey.” “Hell, yes!” Steve Harvey eagerly replied, “I’ve been wanting to do this my…

The Art of Invisibility, by Kevin Mitnick

The Art of Invisibility, by Kevin Mitnick, reveals how data on us is gathered


Our Data, Our Selves They know who you are. They know what you buy, where you live, where you work, where you go in…

Paris pickpockets

Hardworking Paris pickpockets need $2M for U.S. visa


“I know you!” the girl said when she turned around and got a glimpse of Bob Arno. He and I had followed the girl…

Eiffel Tower, Chinese tourists to Paris

Thanks to pickpockets, Chinese now shun travel to France


Asian tourists have been scared away from Paris by the plague of pickpockets who target them. According to Jean-François Zhou, President of the Chinese…