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Bob Arno

International street-crime authority, risk analyst, and documentarist

“Between big events, pickpockets tour from city to city. They know that towns are not prepared for them. They blow in, work the streets until law enforcement has caught onto them, then move on to the next town. A town not prepared to recognize their M.O.s and a public relaxed in the knowledge of their neighborhood’s security is ripe picking.”

—Bambi Vincent

Keynotes customized for security industry, law enforcement, and lay audiences.

Keynotes customized for security industry, law enforcement, and lay audiences.

Travel safety expert and risk analyst Bob Arno is a frequent presenter to law enforcement audiences and travelers. Keynotes include Tourism Safety & Security conferences and pre-Super Bowl seminars for law enforcement and security professionals. With his wife, Bambi Vincent, he is co-author of the book Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling. He gives 25-30 workshops per year to corporate audiences and travelers. He has been profiled or quoted on ABC 20/20, CNN, NPR, in The New York Times, USAToday, Time, Fortune, etc. With exposé video, live demonstrations, and humor, Arno offers a global perspective on diversion theft techniques and the latest international trends. Police have directly credited Bob for many arrests. Travelers directly credit him for many near-misses.

A few prestigious lectures given to industry professionals:


Date Group/Event City
6/9/16 Oslo Police Department Oslo, Norway
12/7-9/15 EuroPol Conference on Pickpocketing The Hague, Netherlands
8/24/15 DeceptiCon 2015 Cambridge, UK
8/12/15 ISACA GeekWeek Atlanta
3/25/15 Merchant Risk Council Las Vegas
10/9/14 PCI-SSC Berlin
9/11/14 PCI-SSC Orlando
1/9/14 Symantec Las Vegas
1/31/13 Wiener Städtische Innsbruck, Austria
9/27/12 13th annual California Tourism Safety & Security Conference Anaheim
7/11/12 Stockholm Police Department Stockholm
3/29/12 Mumbai Police Department Mumbai
3/2/10 Mumbai Police Department Mumbai
9/11/09 U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern Kentucky Lexington
5/7/09 10th annual Tourism Safety & Security Conference Anaheim
7/2/08 Stockholm Police Stockholm
5/8/08 SecureWorld Expo Philadelphia
4/24/08 SecureWorld Expo Houston
3/27/08 SecureWorld Expo Boston
2/20/08 World Game Protection Conference Las Vegas
11/14/07 SecureWorld Expo Dallas
10/30/07 SecureWorld Expo Seattle
9/19/07 SecureWorld Expo San Francisco
5/1/07 SecureWorld Expo Atlanta
4/24/07 SecureWorld Expo Chicago
7/28/06 Visitor Crime Awareness Conference Honolulu
4/26/06 7th annual California Tourism Safety & Security Conference Anaheim
3/16/06 Panama Conference on Tourism Safety Panama City
10/31/05 Connecticut State Police Training Academy Meriden
2/25/05 Manila Police Department, informal presentation Manila
10/16/04 AARP Life@50+ (huge national event, lay audience) Las Vegas
9/28/04 Chicago Police Department workshop Chicago
3/25/04 California Tourism Safety & Security Conference Anaheim
1/27/04 Las Vegas Metro COP & Bike Patrol, workshop Las Vegas
1/13/04 Houston Police Department pre-Super Bowl seminar Houston
11/11/03 SecureWorld Expo Detroit
5/12/03 12th Annual National Safety & Security Conference Las Vegas
3/5/03 MasterCard Las Vegas
1/9/03 San Diego Police Dept. Super Bowl security seminar San Diego
12/4/02 Design Against Crime, Theory & Practice London
6/13/02 Stockholm Police Department, seminar Stockholm
7/23/02 Design Council, UK, product launch London
2/28/02 So. California Tourist Safety & Security Conference Anaheim
9/10/01 Detroit Police , Tourism Safety & Security Conference Detroit
5/14/01 10th Annual Tourism Safety & Security Conference Las Vegas
3/23/01 Bombay Police distract theft seminar Bombay
9/27/00 Distract Theft Seminar, Cashman Center Auditorium Las Vegas
1/17/00 RSA Data Security Conference and Expo San Jose
9/24/99 Kroll & Associates New York
Bob Arno with Mumbai police officers after lecture.

Bob Arno with Mumbai police officers after lecture.

Bob's lectures are always well-attended.

Bob’s lectures are always well-attended.