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ABC News: Hidden Cameras Reveal How Pickpockets Snag Valuables
Fox & Friends: Think You’re Immune to Pickpockets?
New Zealand Herald: To Catch a Thief
Thieves, magicians and the art of misdirection on MPR News radio
World’s most famous pickpocket slams ‘blatant’ street crime rates in Barcelona
Beware Thieves who can Steal your Holiday Where Tourist Crime Happens the Most
ABC News: Professional Pickpocket Gives 5 Tips for Avoiding Summer Travel Theft
Travel Advice From Bob Arno, National Geographic’s ‘Pickpocket King’
Don’t Lose Your Wallet–A Conversation With Street Crime Expert, Bob Arno
Avoiding Summer Travel Theft
American Entertainment
Fortune magazine, “The Excellence Issue”
Kiplinger Financial Magazine
The New York Times
ABC 20/20 “Bob Arno’s anti-theft tips”
ABC 20/20 “Street Smarts”
ABC 20/20 “Expert Advice on Travel Safety”
National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday
Tasmanian radio
Time Magazine: Pickpocket Season
Wall Street Journal: Beware the Stiff-Armed Stranger
Sunday Times: Businessman’s guide to pocket-pickers
Novice.Dnevnik, in Slovenian
Dubai’s GulfNews, in English
Playboy, German edition
Max magazine: Protect your Pockets
Brigitte magazine, in German
Mumbai news, in English
Hindustan Times, in English (pdf)

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National Geographic’s Pickpocket King
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