Client comments

Comments by Bob Arno’s Clients

The Prose on the Con

Between boring speakers.

Between boring speakers.

“It was truly a pleasure working with you—the show was fantastic and you were a huge hit! People are still talking about how you got the shirt off! I would love the opportunity to work with you again and I will definitely refer you to many of my colleagues.”

Traci Rushton
Bash Special Events

“Your pickpocket performance was stunning; miraculously smart how you deceived us all. Also very funny and entertaining, your witty remarks added to the entertainment. You left the audience thrilled, and I received many positive reactions during the days to follow.”

Edward Heerema
President, Allseas Group S.A.

“Bob Arno’s presentation was a great balance of insightful and timely education and lively entertainment. The feedback from the NATP National Conference attendees was nothing but positive, into the next day. One commentator referred to Mr. Arno as ‘the best edutainer he has ever experienced.’ Bob kept the crowd laughing, engaged, and amazed by his quick-handed maneuvers and delightful sense of humor. He left the crowd standing on their feet in a spirited ovation.”

Cindy Hockenberry
Director, Education and Research Services
National Association of Tax Professionals

“Lots of praise ;-)!”

Nihat Guven
Director, Strategic Alliances,
Qualys, Inc. | Continuous Security

“Every year finding good entertainment that is—well—entertaining, corporate appropriate, and within our budget is a challenge. As someone who is tasked with finding entertainment for our national franchise convention, it seems that no matter who we book for the event, not 100% of our audience loves the performance. But not this year! This year people were talking about your (Bob Arno’s) performance at our evening awards dinner for days after the show and absolutely loved it (hence the standing ovation after your performance). You broke up the monotony of what would have been a long (and somewhat boring) awards banquet into an evening where everyone in our audience was in stitches. And, even better, I looked like a genius for booking such great talentI received so much positive feedback that it looks like the bar for our Convention has just been raised again! Thanks for helping make our awards night a success!”

Vanessa Janak
Marketing Specialist, Unishippers

“You were both great!”

James Greenlaw

“You put on a fantastic performance at the conference [PCI SSC in Berlin]. I liked the way you educated us with examples.

Jason Perhar

“Thanks for joining us [at PCI SSC in Orlando] last week. You stole the show. Along with wallets, watches and more. That was the perfect mix of content and comedy.”

Andy Freed
Virtual Management

“That was awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for both meetings. We’ve received great feedback and truly enjoyed working with you and Bob”

Catherine Rymsha
Program Manager, Communications
PCI Security Standards Council

Our conference had 80 presenters, and Bob Arno received one of the highest scores of all of them. Only two others had higher scores. His session was standing-room only.”

Jeff Roberts
National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives

“Bob started our conference off on a great tone! Educational, informative, and fun!”
“Bob Arno was the most entertaining and informative.”
“Bob Arno was a fantastic speaker.”

Attendees’ feedback
National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our conference in Las Vegas this week.  I have had a wonderful response to your performance from all of our convention attendees and frankly, you were simply terrific. From the videos I watched, which resulted in our booking you for our convention, I fully expected the level of professionalism in your craft which you demonstrated.  The big surprise for all of us was just how truly funny and right on point you were for our audience.  I never expected the level of pure entertainment that you brought along in your bag of stealthy tricks! Thank you so much for the energy, the fun and the fabulous performance.”

Brad Gordon, CEO
Mountain Mike’s Pizza


Gerry Kettler
Niemann Foods

“It was such a pleasure meeting you and Bambi, and we’re so glad we chose you for our conference. You were a big hit!”

Corrine Smith
National Advisors Trust

Bob Arno’s interactive and informative presentation was a huge hit at our conference. Bob combined entertainment with solid content that connected the world of security and internet protection to our segment of the finance industry. We were impressed and delighted that he had our usually serious folks on their feet and laughing, and that he also gave them important information useful in their work. We highly recommend Bob. His presentation was a great success, the audience loved it, and we were thrilled with his unique, funny, informative and interactive approach.”

Corrine Smith
National Advisors Trust

“Our 75-person program committee, evaluating a booking for the morning session this year, unanimously felt that re-booking Bob Arno was a great choice. And the success of his presentation proved it, confirmed by the many attendees who expressed that he was the best entertainer and comedian that they had seen in the 24 years of our conference. Bob is a MUST for your event. Attendees at our engineering and construction event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer.”

Michelle Hill

“The audience LOVED Bob Arno! A huge hit with everyone! In addition, Bob and Bambi were such a pleasure to meet and work with.”

Kelly Dadich
Benjamin Media

“After watching some short videos of Bob’s show, I was sure that his performance would be something our group would enjoy. When I met Bob in person before the show, I knew that he was going to be good, but not that good! He used his amazing skills on people from the audience to create the most hilarious situations–we could not stop laughing! I am still receiving kudos from our group for having the Pickpocket King steal the show!”

Jana Renfroe
E. A. Renfroe & Company

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It has been a while since I laughed that much. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening.”

American Buildings

“By far, one of the best speakers I have ever heard. EVER!”
“Clever connection with ‘risk management’!”


“Everyone had an awesome time. Last year’s entertainment was such a hit that we thought it wouldn’t be possible for us top this year. Bob, you topped it! Our clients, employees, and board members were raving about your show. Well done!”

David Farr
FNC Inc.

“Bob was an incredible close to a week of intense strategy meetings. My colleagues and I were amazed at Bob’s show—he had our people rolling with laughter and in disbelief at Bob’s skill in confounding his marks’ attempts to ward him off. An incredible, memorable show!”

Paul Green
The Morning Star Company

“Bob Arno had the audience spellbound once again. Having worked with Bob for several years now his show keeps getting stronger and stronger. His quick wit and uncanny ability to interact with the entire audience keeps all engaged and a look of “are you kidding me?”
In my over 20 years booking entertainment Bob’s “Art of the Steal” is one of the best corporate shows you can choose.”

Nicholas Parrotta
NBP Productions Inc.

“You guys did a great job tonight. Thank you so much for a wonderful show :)”

Melissa Moreo

“After a major internal re-organisation we hired Bob to bring the new teams together and create a shared experience they could relate to. He was highly effective in breaking down barriers and had the team talking for weeks afterwards. Entertaining and engaging as well as informative, I would recommend Bob to anyone looking to create a “talking point” at any event.”

Gavin Style
Head of Global Sales, SunGard Asset Management

“Bob Arno was exactly what my members needed to end our conference on a high. Smart, witty, intriguing and hilarious, I have never seen such a reaction from my folks. He was a pure delight to work with both on and off the stage and was the buzz of the conference…definitely!”

B. Godsman
Sr. Director, Corporate Relations
GAMA International

“Having Bob Arno as my conference closer was the perfect choice for my attendees. Having come off a tough year in the financial services industry, our conference was filled with and focused on some tough challenges in the insurance industry as whole. Having Bob on our main platform left our members on a true high! He was the perfect combination of intrigue, wit, and overall fun that left my attendees laughing themselves out of their chairs. What Bob offers the audience is a unique experience and an almost nostalgic glimpse into the ‘magic’ of pickpocketing. He was a pleasure to work with both on and off the stage and his professionalism was unparalleled. Easy booking, easy prep, easy going. It was a true pleasure and he was definitely “the buzz of the ball” for my members. I would highly recommend Bob to any planner or association looking for an ‘outside of the box’ smart and funny presentation. It was absolutely great!

B. Godsman
Sr. Director, Corporate Relations
GAMA International

“Thanks for the role you played in making our Temple event so memorable. I think it was our best event yet.”

Wayne Goldberg
Congregation Kol Ami
(President & CEO of LaQuinta)

“Thank you for the wonderful show in Tucson. Our sales representatives loved the entertainment. Some of them are still wondering how you did that. It was great working with you and Bambi. If you ever need a reference do not hesitate to drop my name.”

Mike Gwizdala
Corporate Events Manager
Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.

“Now I’ll say many thanks to you for your presentation at the police. I’m sure it will help us to work more successful pro-active. For me it was very interesting to see you working. I enjoyed to organize the meeting.”

Klaus Lengwenings
Bielefelder Polizei

“We are honored and pleased that you have participated as a speaker at the opening session of the 14th Microsoft NT Conference 2009, organized between May 25 and May 27 in Portoroz. You really spiced up the keynote at our annual conference! Your terrific performance completely surprised the audience and left them with their mouths wide open in amazement. We can surely proclaim you as one of the highlights of the conference since the word about your keynote show spread around in record time. It’s also worth mentioning that you equally impressed both journalists and IT experts at separate sessions. We can therefore recommend you for any event hosting different audiences with different tastes as your energy and outstanding enthusiasm during the show activates everyone in the room.”

Matej Potokar
General Manager, Slovenia

“Great Job…Thank you and Bambi for the fine effort at our event. The feedback I got was superlative. Here is one example: ‘I would like to especially thank Paul and Rosalie, who came up with the idea of using Bob Arno (the put-pocket) at our hospitality event. This was the talk of the coffee queues on Wednesday morning and mentioned by the senior Gartner exec in the preamble to Wednesday’s keynote.’”

Paul Taroli
Sr. Partner and Managing Director
CSC Global Business Solutions Marketing

“Having worked with Bob Arno on two different occasions I can unequivocally state that there is no chance of failure if you engage him for your event. Bob is one of the most detailed, thorough, determined and talented individuals I have ever worked with. Totally focused on making your event a success, Bob immerses himself in your firm’s business, culture, people and processes in order to maximize his performance. In addition, Bob will push you to think outside the box on the marketing execution of your final product. You will not be disappointed and your clients will be in awe.”

Paul Taroli
Sr. Partner and Managing Director
CSC Global Business Solutions Marketing

Bob Arno’s iGate audience.

Bob Arno’s iGate audience.

“On behalf of the conference organizing committee and APD’s Tourist Oriented Policing Team, THANK YOU for your presentation to the 10th annual California Tourism Safety & Security Conference! We have received alot of positive feedback from this year’s Conference, and your participation was a significant part of that success. I’ve received favorable remarks regarding your session on Pickpockets and Distraction Thieves. As always, you wow’d the crowd, Bob! Both your presentation and ‘performance’ was a hit with our Conference participants. You’re an amazing speaker, with unique information.”

Detective Dave Wiggins
Anaheim Police Department
Tourist Oriented Policing Team
California Tourism Safety & Security Conference

“We loved your performance; it was a hit with the Diebold audience.  I heard nothing but good feedback—a really good fit.”

Allison Turner
Aria Creative

“What a fantastic performance. You had our members laughing for 45 minutes. During these times of much stress in all of our lives, your show was just what the doctor ordered; actually it was better. We all know that laughter is the best medicine and this proved it. Our members were still talking about the show the next day and that says it all.”

Frank A. Sablone

“‘It was incredible!’ ‘THAT was a great show!’ Those are just a few of the many glowing comments I received from our crowd after your performance. You are a gifted entertainer and a consummate professional that enthralled our audience. I liked the fact that you educated our audience on some of the pickpocket techniques and modus operandi in a very entertaining way. In short, you were excellent! I am also appreciative of your accessibility to our audience after the show.”

Marc Watts
Director of Marketing Business Development

Stress release for Bob Arno's iGate audience.

Stress release for Bob Arno’s iGate audience.

“I will definitely keep you on our entertainment list to perform at future events, and I would be glad to act as a reference. Thanks for making our successful meeting even more memorable.”

Marc Watts
Director of Marketing Business Development
Bunzl Distribution, Inc.

“I’ve been hearing all great things about Saturday night…rave reviews! It was a terrific show. You are a true professional, I was impressed from the moment you started your rehearsal and your wife Bambi is a real sweetheart.”

Ed Panuska
George Harms Construction Co., Inc.

“Bob Arno combines real world experience with world class presentation skills in a manner few other speakers offer. He appeals equally to law enforcement, private security, and tourism industry audiences.”

Dave Wiggins
California Tourism Safety & Security Assoc.
Past president

“Bob has decades of experience worldwide, high profile in media and is particularly adept with financial audiences. Biggest name companies have hired him because he knows how to work an audience, fine tunes the a/v setup, layout, etc. I’ve booked him for CitiBank and others. He’s universally hilarious, has content they can all use to protect themselves when traveling. No politics, completely clean. The crowd will leave buzzing.”

Mike Taubleb
Promenade Speaker’s Bureau

“Thank you for presenting at the 2008 AFLA Annual Meeting and Conference. We received many positive comments about your presentation, which was valuable and entertaining to our attendees, and helped make this one of our best conferences in AFLA history. It was a pleasure working with you,and the feedback from Bob’s performance has been GREAT!”

Ashley Crunsstedt
AFLA Meeting Planner

“Bob made our YPO event a grand success!  Everyone enjoyed it very much and found it informative and entertaining! Thank you for being flexible, reliable, and easy to work with too.”

Cheryl Mitchell
YPO Mountain States

Bob Arno's audience goes from amazement to hilarity.

Amazement and hilarity.

“Bob Arno was an outstanding addition to our Global Growth Summit. He was exactly what we needed at the end of a long day, great fun, with some valuable lessons. Everyone in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show.”

Steve Patscot
GE Health Care

“You did a great job and I’m not alone in those thoughts. You’re a great showman and informative too. A rare combination. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Willy Allison
World Game Protection, Inc

“Everyone has been speaking wonders about your performance, which was pivotal in the success of our event. Thank you for such an enthralling performance at our grand celebration in Dubai.”

Ahmed Sameer
Marketing Department
Dorma Gulf, Dubai

“Bob is entertaining and informative enough to please any audience. We all benefited from his instruction and were amazed with his skill. Both he and Bambi waited patiently until the audience was ready. Also, they were both generous with their time and gracious in answering questions. I was impressed by their dedication and desire to meet our expectations.”

Pat Hecker
Blue Beacon International, Inc.

“Your performance helped to not only break the ice for our group’s first evening together, but the unexpected nature of your address set the tone for a positive and friendly camaraderie for the rest of our strategy weekend. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in unique, high-quality entertainment well-suited for private and corporate events with attendees of all ages.”

Linda Graziano
Director of Marketing
Prime Source

“Bob was fantastic and completely amazed the crowd! People are still talking about him!!!”

Natalie Cross
Balyasny Asset Management

Bob Arno at NABI.

Bob Arno at NABI.

“On behalf of the National Association of Bunco Investigators, thank you for your presentation on Pickpockets: Suspects and Methods. You have helped make law enforcement officers more aware of this crime. You have our heartfelt thanks.”

Bradley S. Bryant
National Association of Bunco Investigators

“Thanks again for your absolutely entertaining performance at our event.  It was the talk of the following day!  You gave a very important security message in a very entertaining manner!”

Therese Baker
Manager, Events Marketing
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company

“The IBM celebration that follows the ACM-ICPC World Finals each year is always a fabulous event. But in 31 years, you’ve topped them all with your rollicking fun ‘fleecing the flock’ of the world’s great researchers, brightest students and faculty in computer science. The crowd was in stitches! I’m really glad IBM chose you to finish out a great week. Your fast-paced, amazing performance coupled with a really valuable lesson in protecting yourself from pickpockets was delightful to all.”

William B. Poucher Professor of Computer Science, Baylor University
Executive Director
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

“That was my grandfather’s watch! It’s gone again! Start over with the watch; one more time with the watch. I didn’t even feel you. A fascinating demonstration!”

David Letterman

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation at the 2007 Assa Abloy conference. We were absolutely blown away…. Our attendees have been singing your praises since the meeting. The standing ovation you received is well deserved! Thank you for helping to make our national sales conference a tremendous success!”

Heidi Pascale
Event Manager
Assa Abloy

Bob Arno's physical funny-business is cross-cultural comedy.

Cross-cultural comedy.

“The program was great and everyone had a wonderful time! He’s really quick and very entertaining.”

Karen Pearsall
Marketing Administrator

“Thank you so much for providing CSC with such wonderful entertainment at our Executive Exchange program in Pebble Beach. With our theme around security, you were the perfect choice for entertaining this high profile audience. Our guests were amazed and amused by your performance. The audience participation was incredibly interactive and absolutely hysterical. I have received rave reviews from all in attendance. Watching you steal the watch off Tom Ridge was not only funny, but eye-opening! You were highly recommended to me and now I know why.

Rosalie Scanlon
Marketing and Event Manager
Computer Sciences Corporation

“Thank you very much for your outstanding keynote address at the “Sharing Aloha Visitor Crime Awareness Conference” at the Hawaii Convention Center on July 28, 2006. You were by far the highlight of this event. From the moment you were in front of the audience, you had their attention. Your multi-media presentation was very informative. In addition to the valuable information you provided, you were extremely funny. The audience loved you. As the co-chair of this event, with the U.S. Attorney General Ed Kubo, we both agreed that you were fantastic. The majority of the attendees commented that the best part of this conference was your presentation.”

Jessica Lani Rich
Pres. & Exec. Director
Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii

“It was a fun, entertaining, and educational event—the best audience-interactive show I have ever seen or been part of. I travel overseas frequently, and I have been lucky not to have been pickpocketed so far. With what I learned at this humorous event, I am very well- educated on what behavior I should be looking for.”

Kamal N. Daya
MDRT attendee
Dallas, TX

Bob Arno provides corporate levity.

Corporate levity.

“It has been a week since your presentation at the Excalibur Dinner benefiting the MDRT Foundation and we are still receiving praise for your performance. Interactive, educational, and outrageously funny; you were truly a hit with the members of MDRT during this special evening! Thank you for making this event one to remember.

Nick M. Falco
Executive Director
MDRT Foundation

“Thank you both for your professionalism and wonderful entertainment– you provided an exceptional night of memorable laughs and fun for our audience.”

Fiona Odumosu-Watkins
Annual Giving Coordinator
Million Dollar Round Table Foundation

“You really nailed it! Just what we needed to conclude our conference on a high note. You had the audience laughing, scratching their heads, and hiding their wallets, all at the same time. Everyone had their copy of your security travel tips when they left the room. Please accept our special thanks for performing so well.”

Clark D. Payan, CEO
IBA West

“Laughter tore through the audience as you thoroughly entertained everyone during your performance. Your show was executed with the highest level of professionalism. You managed to entertain all audience members, which is especially difficult when dealing with a diverse geographical and cultural audience such as ours. Superb. Thank you so much.

Petra de Goede
Project Leader IRB
Philips International

Bob Arno's global comedy has no cultural barriers.

Global comedy.

“An unbelievable finale to our conference. 100% standing ovation and all left with smiles on their faces, and hands on their wallets! This was a hugely successful event! Thanks!”

David J. Avritt, CEO

“Thank you for your performance at our Manager’s Dinner in Orlando on February 13. The fact that our audience was all A++ personalities was certainly a challenge. You were able to gain their attention quickly and keep it – which was no small feat. Our global message for this year’s annual meeting was to stay focused on the goal. You expanded that message beautifully by showing the attendees that while focusing on a single goal, they also need to pay attention to what else is going on around them. You did it in a delightfully engaging way. The message hit home and stuck. Thank you for making this a truly successful event.”

Susan D. Roberts
General Manager, Corporate Travel & Meeting
American Home Mortgage

“Your performance was extremely entertaining and we have been receiving great reviews even weeks after the event. Thanks for the great entertainment.”

Sapna Prakash
JPMorgan Chase Bank

“On behalf of the Police, I want to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation for your willingness to work with us to make a training seminar available to police officers in this state. The seminar was an overwhelming success based upon participants’ course evaluations, word of mouth, and my own observations during the presentation. The value of your presentation cannot be overstated. Your lecture, combined with the video support, illuminated a problem well known, seldom seen, and poorly understood.”

George I. Miller
State of Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council
Connecticut Police Academy

Bob Arno's audience comments: "Awesome!" "Unbelievable!"

“Awesome!” “Unbelievable!”

“I do not have to tell you how well you were received because anyone in or near our banquet room could hear the laughing and mayhem that you created in entertaining our group. From your opening act to your final bow, you had our group in the palm of your hand. It was a most enjoyable evening and a show that our attendees will remember for years to come. Most of all, you were both a pleasure to work with.”

John D. Sims
The Builder Marketing Society

“Absolutely amazing. Magnificently mesmerizing. Your performance at our annual Tri-Association Awards Dinner in New York City left our guests astonished and virtually speechless. Thunderous roars of laughter filled the room. Our guests were left hanging on the very edge of their seats throughout the evening in anticipation of your every move. The following day, it was evident you had left a lasting and memorable impression on our guests – as the trade show floor was all abuzz with chatter of the past evening and your performance. There is no doubt – our members and guests can often be a tough crowd to please – but, your unique manner and incredible talents captured their sense of humor, challenged their minds and won their respect. Your performance was outstanding and will be remembered for years to come. I can not say enough. We sincerely thank you for a wonderful evening.”

Richard Chace
Security Industry Association

“How to WOW an audience! A timely and pertinent topic, enlightening information, and entertainingly shared and incorporated. Thank you so much for a superb, energetic, and charismatic lecture. It was amazing how you positively impacted the lives of our audience in that ballroom. The standing ovation our audience gave you was well deserved! Bravo!”

Marianne Gordon
Event Planner
American Longevity

“It was truly impressive the way that you were able to energize our audience; your performance was as informative as it was fun.”

Wayne B. Goldberg
Executive Vice President, Operations
La Quinta

Bob Arno's show is powerful.


“Your general session address was FANTASTIC! Your presentation style is uniquely fascinating and your message is highly intelligent—quite a wonderful combination! It was our pleasure to work with you and we hope to use you again in the near future!”

Roni Townson
Infinity Source

“Your presentation was truly unique! Your content is fascinating and timely considering the identity theft crisis. It’s amazing how you can give your audiences such relevant information in such an entertaining fashion!”

Murray Forseter
Publisher/Editor Chain Store Age magazine
and SPECS/2005 Chairperson

“Thank you again for both of your sessions. They were a great success.”

Jennifer Desjardins

“We’ve had many good speakers and entertainers over the 30 years of AICC’s history, but your performance brought a response the likes of which I’ve never seen from an AICC audience. Their standing ovation said it all.”

Steve Young
Association of Independent Corrugated Converters

“Choosing you as our closing entertainment was a superb decision. Your instant standing ovation was a clear signal that our program was going to conclude on a high note, and our post-convention surveys bear that out. Not surprising, given that our hall of 2,400 attendees was jam-packed with hysterical laughter from beginning to end! Equally important, I’ve heard rave reviews weeks after the show and that tells me people enjoyed not only the entertainment, but also the keen insight you shared about how to protect your possessions in public areas. There are a lot of entertainment choices in Las Vegas, and thankfully, we selected you!”

John Phillips
VP, Member Benefits (Convention Program)
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

“The expressions on the faces of those whom you ‘interacted’ with were just like the MasterCard commercials–they were priceless! Your participation made the evening truly one to remember!”

Rosalie Leone
Executive Director
Association of Millwork Distributors

“It was such a pleasure to feature you as one of our Presenters at the 5th annual California Tourism Safety & Security Conference here! Thanks again for your time, energy, and genuine commitment to helping serve and protect travelers and the employees who serve them. I cannot tell you how much positive feedback we have received from our event. Several participants remarked that it was one of the best conferences of any kind they have ever attended.”

Dave Wiggins
Southern California Tourism Safety & Security Association

“Your performance was definitely the buzz of the breakfast. Educational, upbeat and interactive,­ it was exactly what we needed for our early morning breakfast! It will be difficult to top your performance at next year’s conference. Once again, thank you.”

Angela Ghosh
Event Planner
Trenchless Technology, Inc.

“Thank you for an incredible keynote presentation at the Detroit SecureWorld Expo. Your informative and entertaining presentation captivated our audience and was the highlight of the two-day conference. Your approach of integrating valuable information with intense audo/visual and just plain fun is a unique formula for success.”

Chris Kokich
SecureWorld Expo

“Thank you both for your diligence, consideration and hard work in making your presentation to the Dermik Laboratories National Sales and Marketing Meeting so professional and well-focused. We have gotten only the highest compliments regarding your show and demonstration. Wow, what skill and dexterity you showed. Our people were rightly amazed at your skills — and would have asked for another couple of hours of your time if we had been able to let them do so! It might be hard for someone who did not see your presentation to understand how your unique brand of education about street crime, personal security and travel safety also can be so engaging, so much fun and so business-oriented. But it was all of that and more.

CJ Seltzer
President and Executive Producer
Meeting Concepts

“Thank you for the wonderful show you put on for our 700 Yamaha dealers… The thunderous roar at the conclusion of your show was a thrilling end to a great meeting. Many thanks for taking the time to incorporate our Yamaha culture into the show.”

Bryan Seti
National Marketing Manager
Yamaha Motor Corp.

“Thanks for your truly outstanding performance at the gala dinner during our Risk Symposium. We received rave reviews from all who attended.”

Ravi Aurora
Security & Risk Management
MasterCard International

“Sure enjoyed you in Las Vegas at the Crowd Management Seminar.”

Patrick J. McCarthy
Senior Agent-in-Charge
U.S. Special Services

“Thank you for an absolutely terrific show! You bring such a unique performance and experience to a group that folks are left laughing but also amazed. We thoroughly enjoyed having you with us, Bob I recommend you to any event looking for a high-energy show that involves the audience and certainly leaves them thinking!”

Richard Harris
Senior Conference Planner,
NEF Distributors, New England Financial

“What a tremendous help you were as we prepared for Super Bowl XXXVII. Personnel made several arrests that they attribute directly to the excellent training you provided. By sharing the expertise you have developed over the years, with my detectives, you enabled them to better protect the tourists who came to San Diego for the Super Bowl. [we] commend you for your continued support to law enforcement.”

David Bejarano
Chief of Police
San Diego

“Every comment we had on Bob’s performance was fantastic. The overall opinion was that he was one of the best features we have had. They liked his mix of humor and skill. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job.

Jan Choroszucha
S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

“Bob Arno was intriguing, enlightening, entertaining and educational! He kept us laughing and was the talk of our trade show. He was truly a delight.”

Gerald S. Abraham
Senior Executive Vice President
S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

“Really excellent! Your show entertained and mystified us all. Thank you.”

David Fenney
Fuji Xerox

“Once more our Black Tie Dinner has been a great success and I want to thank you for your captivating and exhilarating performance and for having been with us also this year!”

Giorgio Maria Rosica
Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore

“Thanks for a supurb show at our Ko’Olina Hawaii meeting…While laughing steadily, our attendees soaked up a fascinating and relevant message. I’ll recommend you to others wholeheartedly.”

Ronald Letterman
Classic Custom Vacations

“Thank you on behalf of Infosys for providing us enjoyable evenings at our client conferences in Atlanta and Monte Carlo. It’s a daunting task to find suitable entertainment when the group constitutes a number of top international executives. What was remarkable was your ability to cut through these boundaries of geography and culture.”

Jessie Paul
Global Brand Manager
Infosys Technologies

“Bravo Bob Arno. What a riveting performance! Our audience was captivated from beginning to end. Everyone was baffled, astounded, and in stitches. Excellent entertainment. We recommend Bob to any corporate client looking for good, clean entertainment!”

Laurie Carcione
Allied Waste

“Outstanding performance well done. Your energetic routine provided just the right balance of entertainment combined with serious information. Thank you for helping to make our conference successful.”

Cathy D. Allen
VP Human Resources

“I very much enjoyed your performance at the party at ASIS. You were a great hit!”

Paul Vick

“Thank you for a wonderful program at our annual conference. From the moment you stepped into the ballroom, you had our audience laughing — often times uncontrollably. You also do a nice job teaching and entertaining in your personal security and identity theft seminar. I recommend you to any organization looking for a little different type of show that entertains, teaches, and involves the audience.”

Daniel T. Holst
Executive VP
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Washington

“On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee, Thank you for your presentation to the Southern California Tourism Safety & Security Conference.”

Dave Wiggins
Anaheim Police Department

“Thank you for your lecture in Stockholm concerning pickpockets. It was interesting, captivating and, as always, instructive. My colleagues talked about it days after. I hope that you will be back in Stockholm to teach us more about the techniques, skills, behavior, and psychology of pickpockets.”

Anders Fohgelberg
Criminal Detective
Stockholm Police Department

“Bob had an outstanding presentation and he definitely had the audience¹s attention, which was very good considering they had been up and in sessions since 6:30 a.m. It was a very good performance and our group enjoyed the program.”

Rick Loftin
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

“Thank you for your outstanding performance at our dealer conference. Your energy and enthusiasm were evident. More importantly, you left everyone grabbing for each other’s wallets for the next two days. A true testimony to the impact that your show had on our business partners. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for what will become a lasting memory of this important event.”

Michael L. Murawski
VP Sales & Marketing
Carver Yachts

“You were the absolute high point of the evening and you stole the show from everything else. Your performance was an eye-opener for everyone and was the talking point for our colleagues for many days. A thousand thanks for your fabulous show.”

Uta Hellerbrand
HypoVereinsbank Singapore

“Thank you for a great show for ExxonMobil. We enjoyed much laughter and are looking forward to having you again in the future.”

David Chang

“Thank you for making the three events that you attended so successful and different. Your performances at our Staff Dinner and Dance, our client gathering, and at a small dinner party became the focal point of all three evenings. I’m glad that a number of our clients followed up to use your services at their gatherings based on the wonderful entertainment they experienced. Weeks later, our staff and clients are still talking about your performances. I would highly recommend your performances to any corporation looking for a different, sophisticated form of entertainment.”

Colm McCarthy
President – Asia
Bank of America

“Bravo! Let us applaud you once more for having made our December 19th “Black-Tie Networking Evening” an extraordinary success. Your performance was splendid and our multicultural audience loved your witty intense dialogue, humor and natural ability to entertain and impress. Your “victims” were probably the ones that enjoyed it most! What a laugh, what an evening, what a touch!”

Giorgio Maria Rosica
Italian Chamber of Commerce

“Your performance was so spectacular and witty; it contributed substantially to the overall success and fun of the evening. Thank you very much again for adding spice to our evening.”

Helfried Scharf
Head Corporate Communications
Daimler Chrysler

“My partners and I thank you for your show! All had a great time, enjoyed your humour, and marveled at the ease with which you dispossessed the unknowing victims.”

Lucien Wong
Allen & Gledhill
Advocates & Solicitors

“I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your presentation on distraction/pickpocket teams. I have never attended a lecture, let alone one for 2-1/2 hours, where the audience was so alert and focused throughout. Your presentation far exceeded my expectation. … Also, prior to the conference you pointed out a suspect when I walked you through one of our casinos. Thanks to your tip, he was arrested and identified as working with a pickpocket team. The casino security was amazed and definitely learned something about pre-incident behavior.”

James H. Lightfoot
Detroit Police

“So entertaining. Our 1,500 people loved your presentation. I would recommend your skill and humor to any group looking for excellent family or corporate entertainment. You STOLE our hearts!”

George Peintner
World Information Network

“…an enormous success. Thanks to your unique videotape footage and well-honed instinct for spotting the criminals BEFORE they do their dirty work, we put together a vivid demonstration of what tourists are up against. 20/20 was the fourth most watched television program for the entire week, and the top-rated newsmagazine. Thanks for your invaluable assistance.”

Glenn Ruppel
ABC News 20/20

“Heartfelt thanks for your splendid performance for the Teamster’s 26th International Convention last month in Las Vegas. Not only was it entertaining and humorous, but also very educational.”

Wallace Clements
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“Thank you for sharing your unique insights with our viewers again. Not only did your appearance win its time slot handily, but your ratings also came in substantially above average. You clobbered the competition, which includes nationally syndicated talk shows. Even the re-run of your first appearance scored a ratings win!”

Jennifer Austin
Senior Producer
Komo 4 TV

“…a smashing succcess! You not only entertained this very refined group of individuals, but also left them with an experience they are certain not to forget. Rave reviews from both our clients and our employees, who were thoroughly impressed.”

Alexandra Leeven
VP Conference & Event Planning

“Our appreciation for putting up a great show. We received compliments from management and staff on your performance and we thoroughly enjoyed your event.”

Chua Siew Keow
Marketing & Sales
Texas Instruments

“We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and had a great time at the show. We are impressed with your excellent performance!”

Dorrin Ker

“Thanks for a great performance!”

Audrey Mok
Corporate Communications

“Thank you for a most entertaining show. Our colleagues and partners were totally amazed. It was a real eye-opener for us… Thank you for such a great show.”

Vincent Leec
Credit Lyonnais

“You’re ‘a hard act to follow!’ You wowed the audience with your impressive display of ‘legalized pickpocketing’ right from your entry. Colleagues are still expressing how amazed they were to witness a master at work!”

Yeow Chun Fey

“Riveting performance! Arno captivated our 400-strong audience with his slick, non-stop delivery… Everyone was baffled… astounded and in stitches… excellent entertainment… This highly sophisticated performance is hilarious, fast-paced, and breathtaking from start to finish.”

Grace Ban
General Manager
Estee Lauder Cosmetics

“Stunning…. Your show captivated our diversified and international crowd and they enjoyed your performance tremendously. It was a great show!”

Wong Lai Hiong
Employee Services Executive

“Wonderful performance last Friday night. We were thoroughly thrilled by your show and staff have talked endlessly about it. Superb entertainment….”

Tony Kingham
Managing Director
Merrill Lynch

“Sincere thanks for such an excellent presentation on Profiling Distract Theft Teams and their Victims. Your presentation to over 300 law enforcement, hotel sescurity, and surveillance investigators provided a unique training experience. The value of your seminar became evident when three members of a distract theft team were captured while committing a grand larceny at a famous Strip hotel. Surveillance investigators, applying your techniques, were able to detect and recognize the actions of the distract team prior to the theft.” Click for Full LVPD Letter

Captain T. Mayo
Lieutenant L. Spinosa
Sergeant T. Shalhoob
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.

“Sincere thanks for an awe-inspiring performance. Your side-splitting humor left everyone in high spirits. Your mastery of humor, wit, human expressions, body language, and deception are tremendous. I will highly recommend you.”

Pat Wildenburg
Delta AirLines
Atlanta, Georgia

“I want to thank you and Bambi for coming to Australia to entertain at our Stockbrokers Industry Awards. You were a fabulous success, of which everyone spoke extremely high – of your performance and personal attention to the preparation of such a grand show.”

John Craig
Executive Producer, Special Events
A To Z Marketing Services P/L
Sydney, Australia

“Outstanding performance! Thank you for a superb performance at Shangri-La. We received numerous accolades from our customers and partners complimenting your performance. It has been one of the most talked-about topics at social events in our industry for weeks.”

Yuen Kuan Moon
Director, Consumer Business
Singapore Telecom

“Wow! What a performance. It is difficult to find entertainment that will keep a savvy, high-tech, type A sales force intrigued, but you accomplished that. … Thanks for an outstanding and unique night that we’ll never forget!”

Diane Braga
Director, Corporate Events
S1 Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you so much for bringing your unique and highly entertaining pickpocket expertise to ‘Northwest Afternoon.’ The audience loved you; you crushed our competition in the ratings! What’s more, the information you gave about street thieves was fascinating; thank you for being such terrific guests.”

Jennifer Austin
Northwest Afternoon
Komo TV 4, Seattle, Washington

“Thank you for your incredible work on behalf of Kroll-O’Gara Information Security Group at RSA in San Jose. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Michael Silverton
Senior VP Marketing
Kroll-O’Gara Information Security Group
Palo Alto, California

“Thank you for your outstanding starring appearance at the Grand Hotel Monte Carlo in the Millennium Show. Your success was quite exceptional considering the tough blazé international audience of Italian, French, American, and English, plus the gracious presence of Prince Albert of Monaco.”

Allan Blackburn
Entertainment Consultant
Monte Carlo Palace
Monte Carlo, Monaco

“You were dynamite! The Service Club Leaders Conference enjoyed your show…we knew they would! Your performance was packed with fun and hilarity. Bob, you definitely know how to entertain an audience ­ and you do it so well.”

Terrence J. McCann
Executive Director
Toastmasters International
Mission Viejo, California

“Our sincere thanks for your performance at our client function. A great time was had by all. It was a pleasure working with such professional, experienced performers. …the best we’ve had in years.”

Diane Gottschalk
Events Marketing Manager
Pinkerton Inc.

“such a serious subject in an amusing and insightful way. You were a real highlight of our meeting. I look forward to further collaborations.”

Michael E. Graupner
Senior VP, Marketing & Sales

“Thank you for a fabulous show. Your show received the top grade. This is truly impressive, as our guests came from 58 different countries.”

Christer Wassborn
Global Marketing Director

“You stole the show! Your presentation at our conference was sensational. …both informative and extremely entertaining. You were a great hit.”

Steven Emanouel
Group Marketing Manager
Pacific Dunlop Electrical

“Our attendees are still talking about your dazzling performance in Orlando. Your show kept our audience of 10,000 people riveted to their seats.”

Tom L. Marzullo
President, Starlight Events, Inc

“A huge thank you for your wonderful performance at our meeting in Puerto Rico. I must admit to being a little nervous when you decided to select our CEO, retiring CEO, and COO as participants! But you are an excellent judge of character and clearly a master of your skills. They were delighted to have taken part. I will recommend you to others looking for a unique and entertaining moment at their events.”

Stephen P. Cory
Director, Marketing Communications

“Thank you for your fantastic performance at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. You truly made a great impression.”

Lars H. Christofferson, President
The Swedish-American chamber of Commerce

“What a fabulous show! We were wowed. You made our retreat truly an event to remember!”

Lynne A. Hubbard
Event & Meeting Manager
Carlson Restaurants Worldwide (TGI Friday’s)

“Rave reviews! Our company choir was concerned that they would not be able to sing because they laughed so hard their throats were sore! You provided a perfect forum from which to laugh and learn. Thank you for sharing your talent and humor with us.”

Hue Hilim, Special Events Coordinator
Ditch Witch

“I cannot thank you enough for your performance. Your wizardry was indeed spectacular. You have been the talk of this tough New York crowd since the party.”

James L. Abernathy, Managing Partner
Abernathy MacGregor Frank

“I am writing to tell you how pleased we were by your performance at our conference in Stamford. The entertainment was well received by what was an extremely critical and easily-bored audience. Without question, yours was the most popular and certainly the most talked-about afterwards.”

Francis E. Baring
Warburg Dillon Read

“You had them rolling in the aisles…the perfect medicine for “too much meeting syndrome.”

F. Bennett
Regional Sales Promotion Manager
General Motors/ACDelco

“excellent…professional…impressive. You made the evening unforgettable for us and our customers.”

Dan Erik Sunneroth
Absolut Vodka

“Attendees are still commenting on your performance…a ‘slam-dunk’ success.”

David M. Kull
Toastmasters International

“The calls are still coming in from our sales reps and distributors saying it was the best after-dinner entertainment program they’ve seen in a long time.”

Rich Fassler
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
IXYS Corporation

“Thank you for a truly enjoyable evening. I will be recommending your services to my clients and colleagues.”

John Hepburn, Vice Chairman
Morgan Stanley

“Your fabulous performance was brilliant and on target. We were enormously fascinated by your ability to quickly identify the participants’ different character traits. The way you managed to play it up in a amusing way and get us all to loosen up was very impressive. You more than succeeded in breaking the ice and establishing a perfectly warm and receptive business climate.”

Jan Andersson
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

“You received exceptional marks as opening speaker at the International Crowd Management Conference…just the right blend of education and entertainment. Since most of your audience was from the fields of security and law enforcement, you faced a tough job of gaining credibility for your expertise…you were highly successful.”

Don Hancock, PhD
Director of Education, Research, and Development
International Association of Assembly Managers

“Thank you for your outstanding performances entertaining our VIP customers at our recent private parties. We’re newly impressed with your ability to warm up an intimate gathering in a non-theater setting. You’re a great ice-breaker, mood-lightener, and a true highlight of any event.”

Bob Gibase, Director, Regional Marketing
Resorts International, Atlantic City

“I’ve heard compliments from every one of the 300 attendees…You really got them up and going right from the start.”

Philip Traino
Vegetable Growers’ Association of New Jersey Inc.

“Never before has our entertainment so roused an audience, making participants out of mere viewers. …classic yet contemporary in view of our international business clientele. We received numerous positive comments from our corporate customers.”

Arnold Aarssen, General Manager
Lido Theatre, Amsterdam

“You were absolutely fantastic, and the audience really loved it.”

Bill Rubino, Chairman
The Life Foundation for AIDS

“Feedback has been incredibly positive and everybody truly thought you were great!”

Mark Felix
Vice President, Entertainer & Speaker Network
Caribiner International

“Audience participation & interaction? You bet! Lotsa laughs? Absolutely! He’s easily a Jack Morton Company ‘sure bet.’“

The Jack Morton Company

“The audiences love this guy. Standing ovations, howling, screaming, carring on nightly. He’s one of the greatest acts we’ve had at Resorts, since I’ve owned the place.”

Merv Griffin, Owner
Resorts International Hotel and Casino

“That was my grandfather’s watch! It’s gone again! Start over with the watch; one more time with the watch. I didn’t even feel you. A fascinating demonstration.”

David Letterman
Late Night with David Letterman

“I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!”

Alex Kaughman
Comedy connoisseur

On HBO’s Just for Laughs: “Stole the show”

–Montreal Daily News

In Ballys Las Vegas’ Jubilee!: “Unrivaled”

–Las Vegas Review Journal

In Ballys Las Vegas’ Jubilee!: “World-class…Has no peers”

–Las Vegas Sun

In London: “Slick…classy…riveting”

–Evening Standard

In Miami: “Outstanding”

–Sun Reporter

In Hollywood: “Brilliant…bitchy”